YikeBike too cool!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RogerS, Feb 18, 2010.

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  2. seanhan

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    That's cool !!! see the little wheel in the back, kinda like the old time bikes from the late 1800's ...
  3. Warner

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    Yike is right....what happens when you hit your first Chicago pothole? Can you say "Face-Plant"? :eek:


    PS - I guess with a top speed of only 12 mph it's not that dangerous....with a 6 mile range until the battery runs out. And all of this for only around $2,500 US? How is this better than the currently available electric go-peds that are available for under $200?
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  4. mabman

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    Looks like it would make a dandy hood ornament on some taxi. Not quite as ridiculous as the Sewgay but close.
  5. Warner

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  6. mabman

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    Probably? More than likely I would say. It just makes me cringe to see investment capital dumped in to these things that really make no sense because there are comparable products that are much cheaper. Just the money alone that Sewgay used to lobby with to get laws in states changed to be favorable for their design would be enough to get something that would really be of benefit. Like a specifically designed for bicycle use motor and drivetrain.

    Angel investors needed!
  7. professor

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    Well said Mabman, Seg. has yet to make a profit, from what I understand.
    That ridiculous little wheeler from NZ looks much more dangerous than a razor scooter.
  8. taylorinalaska

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    It said between 3500-3900 euros, and that converts to about $5000.
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  10. Warner

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    You sure? I thought it was in New Zealand currency. I could be wrong....but in either case, WAY too much money....

  11. tom80

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    You could easily make your owen gas powered with a rc car motor friction drive like a goped. I just might try it to see how it works
  12. taylorinalaska

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    Its in Euros, NZ uses '$' symbol. Also, it converts to almost 7,000$ for New Zealanders. :veryangry:

    This isn't a product that you will see on every corner, the price seals its fate.

    Plus it isn't being sold im the US I don't believe? It doesn't say so on the site anyways.
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  13. Wheres my dog

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    Very cool, but way overpriced for a 6 mile range!
  14. GearNut

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    I bet Bill Gates has 5 of 'em, Just to get coffee in the morning! LOL!