yo locking gas cap



ok was looking at by bosses moped and relized hey his gas cap will fit my tank and it locks with a key well here you are call up SUNL moped dealers and see how much one of this things is no one will dump gunk in your tank


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Hi... I love the cap.. I've called around and no one can locate this cap.. They are probably lazy and don't want to help.

Can you give me the name/phone of anyone that carries it?

I would greatly appreciate it.!!!
man thats awsome. He is using it so i'm sure it's vented. If its not vented. I'm sure we could make it vented.
Nice find, I'd be less worried about people putting gunk in your tank as much as just stealing a half gallon. Dunno about elsewhere in the world but here in Atlanta the bums are not homeless people asking for change anymore, now they're are people sitting at gas stations with gas cans asking for a gallon of gas.