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    I'm here because I'm looking at putting an engine on my bike and riding to work during the summer. :D

    EDIT: I've been wading through PAGES of info here and I *think* I know what I want for my bike.

    Here's a link to what I (currently) am looking at getting, an axle mounted EHO35:

    Now, will I can I just order this, stick a tire on the wheel and be good to go after install?
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    Aren't we all...start reading about what might be a sturdy bike, then look around for a stable bike kit. There are a lot of choices for a 2-stroke (HT) bike kit...that will be the least costly. Or, you could go for one of the real husky 4-stroke kits from Staton or GEBE. After you have looked around, read, and read, and read...you should start asking questions. Then you are in a position to really pick and choose between the really good kits, and the junk. After you have done your reading, don't be shy to ask questions.
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    The Robin is a good choice.....tough as nails. The GeBe would be a good choice if it would fit.

    You can't post links until you have the required number of posts......anti spam thing. :cool:

    Vulcan...wasn't he the Greek dude with the hammer???? Um that was Thor, guess he was a Norwegian. Had a snow removal contract with the Vulcan Oven Co in Wisconsin years ago......Owner was Greek. Gives me strange mental pictures.
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    Anti-spam, gotcha.

    Vulcan was the Roman god of fire, the blacksmith god.

    My link above, when copied and pasted, gave me an error. Incase it's being a putz for others, the kit I am thinking about can be found here:

    It's the, "Axle Mount Robin Subaru kit EH035 33.5 cc 24 oz tank with Complete 26" Wheel".

    Also, I should note that I would be parking my car for the summer (as soon as the snow melts) and would be using my bike for my 12 mile round trip commute to work. The way I calculate it is I'll have to drive about 3000 miles on the bike, and it'll pay for itself, which translates to 250 trips to town/work.
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    Well, I've never run one of them personally, but Staton has really good stuff. I've used quite a few of his parts in my builds. I think some people here have used it and were pleased. Easy enough to balance out the look with a bag on the other side.....just don't run narrow handlebars and sideswipe anything. :detective:

    Roman god of fire....well that's better than the goofy little Greek guy. Used to run around the parking lot waving his arms and yelling all the while I plowed. Thought it might have something to do with building the ovens for the local crematorium. :-/
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