you can not buy parts and engines, and then send them back and forth until you get so

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  1. Wal mart does zone does it most everybody else in the world does this long as the parts haven't been installed...heck wal mart even was wiling to take back a bike with a flat from me. I guess the rest of the world is wrong and Dax has it right? Then again they support what they sell.

    CO 80123
    Google and zoom in to see his operation I don't see anything but a strip mall.
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    I put that address in google earth, and it came up..... right beside a Chinese restaurant!

    ? Perhaps Dax's day job?

    If so wouldn't be surprised, do you think there are a lot of people that have selling engines from china as there only business? "Honey, lets go out for dinner, just sold another 2 HT's today...", dont think so. Most likely just make some $ on the side by selling them, that's also probably why they aren't a priority when it comes to exchanges, customer service etc. Most people probably sell them out of there back room and not a warehouse, they probably buy them cheap in bulk from the FEW true importers .There are a few exceptions when it comes to the "big" sellers, Zoombicycles for instance is run by RuiHong which is a big importer, they even do heavy machinery etc. They (and others like them) do have warehouses with pallets of the things and spares galore, and a UPS truck shows up at there building twice a day.....I noticed - when zoombicycles ran out of engines (they are since re-stocked) practically every seller I found in canada was out or down to the last few....zoom got there shipment, and surprise surprise- everybody has them again! Choose your seller wisely, you want to get as close to the source as you can....

    Uh, this may all be way off, just replied to a rant with another rant :)
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    nope... right on topic, and most likely 100% correct.
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    What do you expect from 80% of these small businesses.More than likely It's just a side job or operation.Man gotta do what Is necessary these days to make a buck.Too bad modern day americans don't get to making motors and boosting our economy.
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    There are plenty of people selling these kits from their houses. I know a guy who has a tremendous online business selling hi-performance auto parts. Everything is drop shipped, or shipped form his condo. His location has little to do with the quality of his business.
  6. What I expect is to stand behind the statement on his web site that says 180 day exchange the most a restocking fee. To say to bad so sad means to me screw U I got your money.
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    George,I got burned by 1888kitbike and bikeberry.And guess what.There truthfully Is no warranty on china girls and It's the vendors guarantee that makes or breaks the bank.This reason you listed Is exactly why I now only deal with pirate cycles.Always been honest with me and never had a problem with warranty.Dax stole sbk's shifter kit Idea and had It outsourced to china for a whopping 10 bucks cheaper than the american made one.And I heard many reviews about his shifter kit being made of thinner aluminum and not very sturdy.Don't know personally I don't have one.And If It's not patented.It can be stolen Illegally.I seen most his parts and looked at pirate cycles parts and There Is no comparison to quality.Pirates has him beat hands down.Thing about dax Is he has a lot of small stuff and motor parts and sells em cheap.Hope your luck picks up.And btw.I do agree that you should have gotten an exchange provided you did not mess up or remove parts from your parts you bought then tried to exchange them.
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    I understand your point esteban.But there are Individuals like boygofast and 1888Sh!tbike that rip people off and tarnish home businesses name.
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    I agree. Service AFTER the sale means a lot.