You guys have me staying up late.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by katsi, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Wow, I first noticed the whole bicycle engine thing while browsing on ebay. Thought about it for about 25 minutes and purchased the kit from Kings about a month ago. I attached it to a brand new Schwinn Del Mar and instantly liked it and hated it at the same time. I was about to give up until I found this site and joined up. Within hours, I had all the answers to my problems and my bike is running smooth. Thanks. But, that is not what has me staying up late. What does is the enginuity of the folks here. That pusher bike and the other bikes I see. WOW! I keep thinking of other ways to power a bicycle. I keep thinking of ways to build my own "Pusher" trailor. I don't even know how to weld but thanks to one of you here, I now know that I can spend about 90 bucks and buy a cheap welder at Harbor Freight and begin practicing. I know where to buy berrings and throttles and whatever I would need. So thanks guys! Thank you for the bags under my eyes but moreover, for the ideas!:tt1:

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    sounds like you're still in the first stage of MBC membership; fascinated and using up too much time with it.

    There'll come a day when you say to yourself, "I'm gonna have to stop in, go over the new posts and then get out."

    And that's a pretty decent compromise.

    And we're glad that you're having fun with the forum and with the bike. They're both a good time.
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    For many of us it gets to be an addiction,both riding & building......heck of a lot worse addictions though.
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    That's whats so cool

    About the internet !!!
    In a couple of min,hours,days
    You can learn somthing new!!!
    Heck you cant even find a M/B's for dummys book in the store.

    That would be cool to put one togther. wonder if it would sell on ebay
    you could sell a PDF version...
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    So it looks like I'm not the only one. My best was when I forgot about the pot of soup on the burner and noticed the smell of red hot metal. I'm bad for following links and forgetting what I was on the net for in the first place.
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    that's cool katsi
    yes -- for the price -- I think that you will have some fun with that welding THING
    if you truly like it
    a short course at a local college -- is a great thing -- did that years ago

    ride that thing