You NEED glasses



So, I was riding my bike at a good 37mph last week and a morbidly obese bee hit me right in the left eye, it didn't sting me, but my sight out of that eye is still kinda blurry (after 4 days). Anyway, what kind of riding glasses do you guys use? I'm sporting 8$ wal-mart specials. (because I sit on my expensive ones EVERY single time and now I don't buy glasses over 10$)
Im bad with glasses too I usually just buy them at the local whatever for about 10 bucks a pop. I like the wrap around kind and yes they are necessary. I learned like you did the hard way from riding motorcycles and cars kicking up rocks.
I don't ride with glasses cause I don't ride fast enough to warrant them. Now when I had my Motorcycle,glasses were a MUST cause you couldn't see the road and you could barely exhale,yo.
That Bee incident seems rare.
Out here I watch out for the Chile roasting on the side of the road. Anywhere in Mexican communities this is common. It's not hard to ride by them and get an airborne cooked chile piece go in your eye. Do you want to know the definition of pain? Oh yea.
I guess I'm lucky, I always have to wear glasses....well not always- only when I want to see.
Nike sunglasses (free-I work there), with prescription polycarbonate lenses.