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Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by alex, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. alex

    alex Guest

    So, I was riding my bike at a good 37mph last week and a morbidly obese bee hit me right in the left eye, it didn't sting me, but my sight out of that eye is still kinda blurry (after 4 days). Anyway, what kind of riding glasses do you guys use? I'm sporting 8$ wal-mart specials. (because I sit on my expensive ones EVERY single time and now I don't buy glasses over 10$)

  2. eljefino

    eljefino Member

    prescription aviators like the gang from "reno 911"
  3. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Im bad with glasses too I usually just buy them at the local whatever for about 10 bucks a pop. I like the wrap around kind and yes they are necessary. I learned like you did the hard way from riding motorcycles and cars kicking up rocks.
  4. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    Split lense flying goggles just like my avatar :cool:
  5. I don't ride with glasses cause I don't ride fast enough to warrant them. Now when I had my Motorcycle,glasses were a MUST cause you couldn't see the road and you could barely exhale,yo.
    That Bee incident seems rare.
    Out here I watch out for the Chile roasting on the side of the road. Anywhere in Mexican communities this is common. It's not hard to ride by them and get an airborne cooked chile piece go in your eye. Do you want to know the definition of pain? Oh yea.
  6. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I guess I'm lucky, I always have to wear glasses....well not always- only when I want to see.
  7. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    Those are so cool, they have them on Ebay too...:shock:
  8. jared3377

    jared3377 Member

    I wear my prescription glasses, but they're small--so I usually wear my clip-on shades since they're a little bigger and give more coverage. :cool:
  9. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    Cheep Xinese "Oakley" knockoffs are good wraparounds. They (so far) have deflected most incoming asteroids. KD.:grin:

    Of course it helps not to buck a gravel truck.
  10. Nike sunglasses (free-I work there), with prescription polycarbonate lenses.
  11. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    "Nike sunglasses (free-I work there), with prescription polycarbonate lenses."

    Wanna swap for some Xinese KOs, Brutha?:eek:
  12. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Home Depot - Lowe's, wrap around safety glasses, tint or clear, about $8.
  13. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Nice. Optician? I wanna get a nice set of drivewears they'd rock on an MB.
  14. gelfling6

    gelfling6 New Member

    I have a pair of slightly wrap-around sunglasses I picked-up at WalMart, which more than do the job.

    the Brain-Bucket is a standard Bell bike rider's helmet, so I'm probably breaking a few safety rules.. I have a DOT classified helmet for the "Real" moped (A 1999 TOMOS Targa), but the foam inside is totally deteriorated.

    The Wally Sunglasses aren't expensive.. $5.00 +/-, Amber lenses.. Look more like a pair of hunting sunglasses..

  15. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    I wear prescription too. I'm tempted to fork out the money for some wrap arounds. When it was cold, i wore motocross goggles over my regular glasses to keep my eyes from watering so bad. I managed to have a dragonfly collide with my cheek. That smarted pretty good.
  16. Full face helmet with shield!
    I had a bee leave a giant splat mark on my visor right in path with my eye yesterday.
  17. gelfling6

    gelfling6 New Member

    LOL!:lol: I've seen the same.. A huge moth, right as I'm coming down a hill,
    nose-1st right into the shield. After I came to a screeching halt, I took the helmet off, and laughed, thinking of the old joke, and lamenting "Well I'll be ****ed! It really IS the last thing to go through a bug's mind!"

    (crickets chirping)

    Sheesh! Tough crowd!

    Actually, when that sucker hit, I almost had a feeling it went through the other end of me too, Hence the screeching stop!

    Wish I could find it.. Some website, had a photo of a guy smiling, with serious bugs in the teeth! That would pretty much cover this subject. Even had a co-worker on a regular bike, called out sick this morning, and when he got in later at noon, said he was riding his 21-speed (no motor), and some bug actually flew into his mouth.. so quick, he couldn't spit it out. (YUCK! :puke:) Hey, it could happen to anyone.. (but it drove him nuts, with me doing frog imitations any time he was around.)
  18. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    Yup. Full face helmet.

    The faster you go, the more it hurts.
  19. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Wraparound landscapers glasses. Harbor freight, about $4.00. I'll spring for the $8.00 walmarts when I have to.

    I didn't quite get the joke about the last thing that goes through a bug's mind, but it reminded me of something else; you'll see "trust Jesus" painted on highway bridge abutments everywhere. I've always pictured some poor guy falling asleep at the wheel. He wakes up just before hitting the abutment and this is the last message he receives from anyone on Earth. Do you suppose this is what the people who paint these things have in mind?

    sorry for going a bit off-topic, but it seems to fit, sort of. :)
  20. pilotpeat

    pilotpeat Member

    I wear cheap knock off sunglass, or if its overcast I wear clear safty glasses. I started doing it years ago when I was pedaling. Just today on the way home from work on my motored bike I hit a bug right in the center of my left lense that I was sure was going to be splattered it sounded like it hit so hard. That would have really hurt!