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    Got in a conversation with a co-worker about these bikes. Commented about how little it takes financially to make one. He asked how much to make six. Did a quick bit of math, gave a quote. He is footing the bill on the 30th!!! This on top of a move... we intend to do 100% rollover untill the end of riding season, then spend Winter doing high ticket machines for 2012!!! Local auto painter will do the tanks and guards to match the fenders, I will be doing my own design of sprocket attatchment (six bolts hold it together, uses the kit sprocket) and I think these first six are already sold. Two weekends prior, I rode my Cranbrick in the founder's day parade- GREAT deal of interest there. Okanogan County Washington considers these things to be street legal bicycles. These things will be manufactured in Tonasket, WA.
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    Fantastic come to mind.
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    My way of saying WOW.
  4. i really think that these motorized bikes are going to start to take off and get popularity. which is really cool to think about. but it will also come with more scrutiny from the law. which will probably vary depending where you live. i live in new york state. and from what i can come up with they are ilegal. but the other night a sherif stopped to talk to me when i was letting my motor cool down. he told me that my bike was neat ,and he didnt care if i rode it, but i should stay off the main road because "people wont be able to mind their own business, and will end up calling them." that was about the coolest thing i have ever heard a cop say.

    the popluarity that im sure is coming will also probably generate higher quality parts and motors. which will be nice! we will see what happens. but hearing about stuff like this makes me believe it even more. and everytime i ride by someone the look in their eye makes me believe it too.
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    That is cool and I think you're right about the scrutiny. Cops will feel they're hands are tied when they gets calls. I have a neighbor that refers to the "buzz bikes" riding around unregistered and uninsured. :rolleyes7:

    Keep'em quiet, ride responsibly and never underestimate the avarice that some folks just hate the thought anyone might be getting by with something.
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    WOW.....can I quote you in my signature line? I like how you said that.
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    Congrats i'm lucky to break even on my sells after using them.
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    Come on you can do better than that. :grin5:
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    moving on up...

    ordered the bikes, the parts and the aluminum... do you know that aluminum is bloody PRICEY?!? GAHHH!!! but enough about another stock commodity gone through the roof- I moved my shop to new digs yesterday. Basement of my partner's rented house, one block off the main drag. As these things are assembled with componants manufactured in Tonasket (by yours truly), the local Farmer's Market has declared them to be a "Local Craft Item", thus eligable for a booth at said market! If we go big, we rent on the main drag. If we go bust... then six people are getting rather extravagant Christmas Presents this year... I will take pictures as soon as I repair the battery charger for my camera.
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    Hows things going? Any updates?
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    Motors arrived thursday. Grubee Skyhawk 48cc with high performance carbs. Motor mounts fit the Huffy frames without modifications. Gonna be a breeze once the aluminum shows up...
    Did you know...? Go to and you can order bikes delivered to your door! Same price often enough, better selection- look at 'cruisers' and "adult mens'" bikes. Also in 'boys' bikes' there's a 24" rim Cranbrook in burgundy that will fit a 13 yo or very short adult and still fit the engine.
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