You won't Believe this rack mount !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by seanhan, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Oh but what will the tree huggers say! I mean, you have to consider all that Co2 "pollution"!:shock::jester:

    That thing is pretty cool! There is no way of hiding your tracks though! :grin5:
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    Before I die I want to make a replica of the oscar mayer weinermobile and have some a party room built In that thing and have women throwing a party In It.
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    If they were realy smart, they would have built a better nozzle to focus the thrust to get more power and feet of travel. It shows some potential for soda powered bikes !!
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    I got the video to run instead of just being able to read the article.
    Previous comment has been rendered void by the video warranted removal.
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    I agree with Tanaka, maybe some sort of collector. That way, they could also make use of the hydraulic pressure being wasted.

    Methinks a lighter version and a collector would make it go MUCH farther.:detective:
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    I met this girl working at wall mart who Is designing a water powered engine In an old porsche from 72 that needs floorboards replaced.She Is estimating 45 mpg with her design.She Is one smart cookie.
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    Thats the best

    Thing you could do with coke zero !!!!!
    That stuff is nasty !!! ha...ha...
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    Do tell how this progress's, and if you have anymore details.

    I have a rain water tank I can access, so it would be free fuel :)
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    I met her a week ago at wall mart.She digged my ride and started rattling off quantum physics and this porsche thing she Is building.The owner was gonna have It crushed and she got It for 100 bucks.She also discussed about building a water powered engine for a bike.Just by her manner and speech I could tell she was very brainy and pretty also.Shame she got a b/f Instead of me.I could use a woman like that.I'll see her this week and I'll find out more.She said something about u tube having a water powered car that does 40 mpg to a gallon of water.Speed I did not Inquire about.But,I think she'll post a u tube vid and I'll post It on here when she does It If she completes It.Like her and all.But There Is a big difference between having an Idea and actually completing It.We'll see.
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    Stupid video.
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    I thought it was quite amusing.

    My mum used to say,
    If you got nothing positive to say, then STFU !!
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    Stupid video.:poop:

    Fake like from here to the moon.

    I'm joking, but I rather expect engine than tubes which puke out behind.
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    Pretty cool video!

    If they could all that coke, put it in some kind of tank that could contain the pressure, and drive some kind of piston engine with it, I bet it would go pretty far!
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    My thoughts exactaly:idea::thinking::ack2:
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    Just a big waste of coke and mentos......not very impressive at all.:confused:
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    Hey, you could offer to drive the real thing since the driver wrecked it. Probably been fixed by now.

    quote: The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile got itself into quite a pickle when it crashed into a Racine home Friday morning.

    just search Wienermobile crash !
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    Another prime example of "just because you can, but why?"