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  1. Youngbird

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    Here we are at last with some progress to show/report. This is a Cranbrook frame from the ground up. The rear section is leaving later today in exchange for a more traditional "hardtail" replacement. The color will remain "hotrod black" except maybe the 1 gal. tank. It may be doctored a bit. The tires are 3x26 Kenda Flames. In the front is a HUSKY 2.25x26 with a S/A drum brake and out back will be a 2.25x26 S/A 3sp 165mm wide from Firebelly Cycles (thanks Evan). It will be powered by a Honda GXH50 and a Comet TAV2 convertor. Im starting the hardtail tonight....wish me luck.

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  2. DetonatorTuning

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    absolutely love the front end and clubman bars.

    can't wait to see the rest.

  3. SimpleSimon

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    Those forks are beautiful! Very nice work indeed. Where did you get the forks?
  4. Youngbird

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    If memory serves, they came from "CHOPPER US", and thanks to you all.
  5. wcocc

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    comet tav 2 ? how are you going to run this on the honda motor? did you find a driver for the 5/8 shaft? If you did, let me know, I would like to use the same setup, but can only find 3/4 drivers .

  6. Youngbird

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    I spoke with the tec. eps at Hofco/Comet and asked zthe same question. Their response was to sleeve the 5/8 crank output up to 3/4 and bobs your uncle....the 3/4 driver will do it from there. They did recommend a steel sleeve for the crank. They cost about 72 cents each from the gocart suppliers. GoodLuck!
  7. KDC1956

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    looking good

    Your bike is looking clean and good like the front end too.And the front tire wheel is nice
    I thought about using one on my bike but not sure just yet.:evilgrin:
  8. Youngbird

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    That wheel from HUSKY is a steal at $74.00. HD rim with the 11g spokes and the drum all laced and ready to go. I will surely keep using them.
  9. Yeah, it's a nice brake too! Wish I could match that front wheel price! Lookin Good Youngbird!
  10. Youngbird

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    Glad you checked in....Im still looking for a suitable box to send that rear wheel....I didnt for get or nuthin....LOL.:ack2: