?your experience with nitrous boost

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    I have attempted to obtain similar results a different way. Perhaps I can bring an idea up now without deflecting your nitrous boost question. Any dinker who has attempted to add a small electric blower to the intake of an HT engine probably ends up with the same results. No matter how much or little blower boost you add, the gas supply shuts down and the engine stops firing. The idea was to provide the engine with a virtual sea level supply of air as a temporary boost or in general. I did not take the idea to the next level; but the solution was apparent. In the absence of a fuel pump, the virtual sea level air pressure would also have to be applied to the surface of the gasoline in the tank. So far, all this could be done without adding a lot of complexity to the bike. The only problem preventing me from finishing off the idea was the complexity needed to achieve certainty that a engine back fire would not make it to the gas tank. As a test I am certain virtual sea level would work and probably have the desired results but not be worth the risk of maintaining on the bike because of the back fire problem. In my opinion, if someone has not figured out this mod by now, it will not be long and it will be out there. The booster provides a use for the kill button since the CDI is on a switch.
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    they do it by enclosing the entire carby. as long as gravity can get fuel into the bowl (at a certain pressure, yes a pump is mandatory) then the carb doesnt care what its "atmospheric pressure" is at.

    ie, the bowl is just as pressurised as the intake, blah blah, venturi effect still works fine.

    but it IS pretty stupid doing it on a twostroke unless you have some nifty way of shutting off the exhaust port before the transfers. ie, blower are for 4 strokes and anyone that says otherwise hasnt considered fuel efficiency. sure, you might gain 10% power...at the sacrifice of half the fuel economy. better to focus on other areas that utilize the fuel EFFICIENTLY rather than blow it out the exhaust pipe. unburnt fuel in the exhaust doesnt make power.it just costs money and gives everyone lung cancer.

    a very rich man near us (who didnt need to work) said he had sold a patent for a twostroke "turbo" to some company for an undisclosed sum.

    all he was allowed to say was it worked more like a diaphgram pump/heart than a spinning compressor. ive never been able to find a reference to it anywhere so it could have just been macho man dribble and he didnt want anyone to know he had won the lottery or something.

    back to the real question.

    i tried one of those silly ebay kits, more just so i could have a handy NOS dispenser :wacko: rather than sticking it on an engine... so much easier than inflating a balloon... so when i did install it, the only idea was that it should enter the intake via its own mini "carby" with adjustable jet on both fuel flow and nos flow. therefore being able to keep mixture correct without adjusting the real carb itself. halfheartedly modified an airbrush...

    this way you can trickle the stuff in, only gain a little bit, but sustain that bit extra for far longer...

    dumping the whole thing in the space of ten seconds is just going to break things.

    ever tried blowing some through a plain old lighter? they become the equivalent of a blowtorch...nice blue flame and the (brass, Bic) shroud melts :)

    i always say a mikuni type carb with the piston choke is the best type of carb for doing it, drill out the choke jets to suit and put up with no choke for starting.

    the pit bike blew its head gasket and that was the end of the experiment... was awesome for all of five minutes though :) i then disposed of the rest of the bottles in a responsible manner...:rofl: its really too expensive in my opinion to be of any use, and the effects are brief. though i was finding 100 packs from hospitality supplies for quite a reasonable sum.

    :rolleyes5: mmmm, laughing gas.... :wacko:

    try hydrogen peroxide..., 6% is good, 50% requires a "hazardous goods" courier....thats all i am going to say ;), besides that its street legal EVERYWHERE cus the law only ever considered NOS.

    so no. nothing definitive, but i would stick my nose up in the air if offered any kit from a vendor to try out. as usual. :rofl:

    theres the drawbacks...it costs a fair bit, it doesnt last long, you have to keep the ideal stoich ratio. you cant overdo it or everything melts/shatters/breaks...
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    For short bursts of needed acceleration, such as quickly passing a car, I think there should be little concern because the oxygen to gasoline ratio goes up due to the NOS (which could lead to piston seizure or detonation if prolonged). I highly doubt any damage could be done unless an excessive amount was let into the intake system or it was used non-stop till the nitrous bottle emptied.
    I had to brake hard after failing to pass a car and so am now wondering if this would be a reasonable solution for those rare moments.
    thanks HS for bringing the talk back on topic.
    This page has some insight into the peroxide idea: http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Hydrogen_20Peroxide_20Injection
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    good link. for everyone else that wonders why the hell i suggest putting "water" in your air mix.

    theres several benefits :)

    even plain water works to a degree...extra density, raises compression, decreases detonation, and even creates steam...wow. now if it has a puff of oxy added...

    you can make h202 by blowing oxygen through an arc, then bubble the resulting ozone through plain old water. not the commercial or industrial way, but it works for the backyard inventor.

    ahhh, patience...stop trying to overtake people! ive learnt, after several suspensions and suchforth...to dawdle, as hard as it is... most of the time. unfortunately you can behave for a year and its the ten second blat through a nice set of s-bends that gets you another 6 months of no license...

    gawd i hate commuting again... smash at least one mirror a week... not MY mirror ;) need a window breaking hammer, that would REALLY wake the $^$#^# up! maybe they would look next time...
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    Get yourself a paintball gun.
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    Jag, with everything you know about modding engines, if you failed to pass a car then it was just going too fast.
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    He must have been trying to pass me or my oldest son! Were both fast drivers. His best speeding ticket yet cost him $7,000.00.
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    the disadvantage is that I tried to pass the car from a dead stop before we got to the other side of the intersection. I almost made it but then had to brake hard to keep from hitting the median. He knew I wanted ahead of him but didn't even move over a little. I guess it would be embarrassing to be passed by me.
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    No, it would be an honor!
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    yeah, that's thinking positive :)
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    paint ball gun? better be registered or thats asking for 15 years jail.... discharging firearms in public... thats another few years...

    ahhh the joys of international communications... a 7000 speeding fine?

    here, you do 30km over and you get 3 months of no license, but can drive/ride until you get the letter in the mail.
    do 45km over and its 6 months and they cut your license in half on the spot. youre getting a taxi home. both fines are under 500ish from memory. ha ha. so far ive managed to avoid the 6 months, usually cus the cop subtracts ten or so when he fills in the ticket. if your polite and courteous rather than being the normal moron that denies everything and calls him a pig...

    they also take a lot of points off you, and once you lose em all...theres a few more months depending on how many points over youve gone...

    and its just so easy to do as they lower all the speed limits to 50 and 40(km...not miles...km.) and less. this country is NOT the "land of the free" as seems to be so commonly believed elsewhere... ever tried driving down a dead straight road in the middle of nowhere that has a max limit of 60mph? our max speed here, anywhere, is 120km/h, but most of it is 100km, max. out in the bush/desert, thats a two hour drive to your closest neighbour. no wonder most of these big properties have their own dirt roads running inside their fenceline. can do what you want on private property. about 220 or so :)

    do over twice the speed limit while a cop chases you with no lights or sirens so you dont know theyre there, pull into your own driveway and get 2 years... and almost done for "engaging in high speed chase" which is a year in the lockup...

    they wouldnt play the video in court... go figure. so they dropped that charge. thankfully.jail may be a holiday camp here, but still... my rear end is sacred!

    this is one of those cases where an electric drive with a "soup switch" really helps... mmmm, 10kw for a brief 30 second haul, then back to the battery conserving 0.5kw for cruising.

    nitromethane? the amount of oils model engines run, get some 50% nitro stuff and just blend it 50/50 with straight gas...

    remembering that compression ratios need to be lowered and the jet will have to be opened up a fair bit...

    thats one other disadvantage of nos...you have to reduce the CR. just like turbo engines. take the boosts off and all of a sudden your engines a dog in ALL situations...

    get a chainsaw engine :)
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    you don't have to reduce compression ratio much if you wet shot with methanol and castor oil. I wouldn't want to break 140 or so PSI that way. too bad for me, I'm running 185 on my current daily driver and 205 on my race motor
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    or try the burt munroe system...nitroglycerin pill for the indian, and one for the heart...

    just get a prescription from the doc for your angina :) that stuff is just a tad too unstable to go making at home... not that its hard... dangerous!
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    The system for bicycle are different then most and I would not recomend them. Most systems when you push the button it not only adds NOS but fuel as well to keep it from running too lean. This is not how they work on the systems for bikes it just shoots NOS in and not any extra fuel so it could run LEAN more then likely since all NOS does is add oxygen.

    Jag you are worried about higher compression heads and you are thinking about running NOS???????
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    I have a Suzuki 100 that still gets beat by some 200cc 4 strokes and I'm looking for the next mod to boost it.
    Trouble is that it has only 4 speeds so I had to design the expansion chamber for a very slight hit since it has to spread the power out across 3000 RPM.
    You are right. Dry nitrous can lead to seizures. Wet nitrous is the way to go.