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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kutthroat, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Kutthroat

    Kutthroat New Member

    Hello everyone I would like to get several opinions on a few inquiries I have conjured during my slumber.

    1. Which vendor is the best overall?

    2. Which vendor has the best prices that is also reliable?

    3. Which engine kits(49 or 80cc) would you look into if you had a bicycle already and roughly 165$ to spend on a kit that you need to last for at least two months?

    4. What is the best cruise speed?

    5. What was the most fun experience you've had on your MB?

    Remember I'm only asking for honest opinions here...


  2. oldguy387

    oldguy387 Member

    Steve - From my own experience I like King as a vendor. I just purchased a Skyhawk GT5 and what a nice motor. Prices are fair and shipping was great. At my age the cruise speed is about 30 but I can go faster. Just don't need to. And as for fun experence - every minute is fun. Good luck.
  3. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    My opinions

    (1) Make sure your vendor has good customer support after the sale. That is all. Some of these kits will be bunk for one reason or another, and you will need to make sure your vendor is willing to make things right.

    (2) And yes, all experiences on my MB are fun... but the ones where I have an opportunity to see people's facial reactions are the greatest to me. Usually kids will just drop their jaws or grin from ear to ear. I, actually, will never forget one time I saw a little girl with eyes wide open and she was waving at me. Then I saw a woman about 5 times her size (momma), who has given me the biggest smile yet and the most dramatic wave. Think 5x bigger smile and 5x more dramatic wave than the little girl. I will never forget those two as long as I live.
  4. Kutthroat

    Kutthroat New Member

    Thanks for your insight and timely responses. That #3 question is what I would REALLY like to get some insight on because that's my budget right now(!!STRUGGLING!! college student in need of safe and cheap transportation)
  5. wbuttry

    wbuttry Member

    Make darn sure it is LEGAL in your state you are going to college in and make sure the college wont fuss about it when you ride it...............
  6. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Your first four questions are all personal preference. We all have our favorites.
    I probably enjoyed the assembly and personalizing of my motor bike more than riding it. I do commute to the park and ride on my motorbike once a week, but I get the biggest enjoyment from tinkering.
  7. Kutthroat

    Kutthroat New Member

    Personal preference is what I'm asking for and I really need to get a good idea of where to spend my spare 165$ and have an OK kit to ride for no longer than one hour at a time maybe 20-30 times a day.
  8. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    You might try reading there instead of causing a repost of information.

    Check your times also.....a 30 min ride 20 times a day means 10 hours on a bike a day.
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