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  1. robin bird

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    Thought it would be interesting to see where you guys live your hometown or your house --just out of interest. Iam from Penticton B.C.
    Three of the pictures are from the top of Munsons Mountain (molehill) and one picture with the lady in it shows one of the many trestles on the Kettle Valley Railroad --an abandoned railine right at my backdoor that is 500 miles long(800KMS) These pictures were taken on Saturday warm and no snow!!

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  2. GearNut

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    You live in beautiful country!
    Where I live, one direction is rolling hills owned by the military, trespassers beware! (Everyone does anyways) And the other direction is tightly packed city life. It used to be on the wilderness fringe of the 'burbs, but "progress" has ruined that. New housing tracts and freeways have now made it darned near center of the 'burbs.
  3. robin bird

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    Here are more pictures from near us.

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  4. Hawaii_Ed

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  5. machiasmort

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    Good one of the Peace Bridge in Buffalo on my profile page!
  6. seanhan

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    ok it's a toss up between robinbird and Hawaii ED ...
    Would be nice to have a house in each of those towns !!!!!!
    I am ashamed to even submit a pic after seeing those two....
  7. Huntington

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    I cant take credit for this photo but it is my hometown and a view I enjoy often.

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  8. hellhammer

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    I can take credit for this photo of Long Lake in Naples, Maine.

  9. seanhan

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    Some pics of my area

    Our new Football field and the Stock Yards ..

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  10. fasteddy

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    hellhammer, is Bridgeton and Naples still full of antique shops? Always wanted to take the scenic boat up the lake out of Naples but was always in a hurry. Maybe when I get back this summer.

    Lived in North Conway NH for years and made many trips to Rte 1 antiquing. Restored antique furniture for over 40 years. My old picking buddy lives in Tenn. now but spent most of his life just south af North Conway. Our standard joke is meet me in Bridgton by the movie theatre.

  11. hellhammer

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    There are some shops but not all that great. There's the Antique Exchange here in Naples that has a lot of good stuff, but it ain't cheap!
  12. BeauBoy

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    Here is my closest town, I dont really know what a hometown is by definition?

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