Your Own Aircraft For$5500!

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  1. eastwoodo4

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    Ive know about these for a few years now.Wish i had the money for one.

    Don`t say your to old for these.

    This one is just a video i wanted to share of an episode of junk yard wars.It`s the episode where they have to build planes with tools and materials that were available in the early 1900.I remember watching this episode and theres two or three more flights where he does the same thing.Gotta love them brits.

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Not an airplane, but still great fun, without a doubt.

    My Dad, brother and I bought and built a Pterodactyl kit ultra-light in the late 1970's, and we flew it until 1987 when my brother tried to land it on the back of a black angus steer one late evening in a pasture - darned fool creature ran right under him as he flared for landing. That thing was great fun to fly, even though an old farmer peppered me with a shotgun while flying it one day. Took off from a pasture one nice sunny day, to fly to Spokane, WA. Needed fuel about Yakima, so I landed on an empty road and taxied it 2 blocks into a gas station. You should have seen the attendants face.

    While I was getting gas, a local cop showed up, and asked about a million questions. Then he escorted me out to a clear stretch of road, and watched for traffic while I took off. That was a great trip.

    Another trip, my brother flew it, and a buddy flew his own, from just south of Portland, OR to Oshkosk, WI for the big fly-in there. Five days in the air each way - he still tells stories from that trip at every family gathering. Now he is helping his 18 year old son build one himself - the lads mother is NOT happy about it. My brother just asked her if she'd prefer he build it without experirenced help - the boy IS going to fly it, and she can't stop him.
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    Does it come with plans for "your own coffin for $20"?

    j/k - they look like a lot of fun!
  4. eastwoodo4

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    great story.would love to do a long trip on one.hey u said its not an airplane but it is an aircraft right?
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Yes, it is an aircraft. A purely sporting toy with no workable range or capability. Nothing wrong with toys, but it has even more serious limitations than do ultralights.
  6. eastwoodo4

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    It really depends on the wing u have.If u have a beginners wing it will be slow and safe.But the professional wings go as fast as 60 mph but u have to really know what your doing.

    You could probably get a used one for around 3000.
    Man i can see myself skimming the tree tops.Wish i could afford one.

    One day ill fly that THING!
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    we have those almost daily flying over my house lol. i live next to a small airport where they train people, and give rides on em. (they train and give rides on the 3 wheeled gokart looking ones) the runway is litterally at the end of my street. its cool watching them taking off.

    never thought to get a ride on one though...
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