your thought on homosexuality,

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    oh god canada is great but the one thing that sucks is all the fuc king homos!!

    im a good person, im very tolerant and im not going to make fun of someone because of the way they are, there race, or religion, but the one thing i absolutely cant stand is homosexuals!!! god if i could i would give em all lobotomy's till there was nothing left, were here for one reason, as sadistic as it sounds were here to be born, reproduce, and die, then the cycle repeats with our children, thats the way it is with animals, and were no different, but you cant have a hotdog without the bun,

    im not against lesbian though cause at least they can provide valid entertainment,

    so whats your thoughts on the matter?

    oh and ps i dont go around abusing homos i treat them like anyone else, but i have no respect, its a disorder,

  2. arceeguy

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    bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! I love it!

    Welcome to the CC linnix13!!!!

    As far as homo's goes (that rhymes!!) - I don't shive a git. Just keep "marriage" between a MAN and a WOMAN. You can have the same legal "marriage rights" as the state sees fit, but you are not married in the eyes of God. Call it a "partnership" or whatever, but you ain't frickin' "married". Doesn't matter whether it's man on man or woman on woman - it ain't right. (although that woman on woman thing is "valid" entertainment.....hehehe....)
  3. kerf

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    I agree on the marriage issue, other than that, what people do in their spare time is their business. If we talk children though, kerf becomes most closed minded, kinda like a rope and a sturdy branch.
  4. give me vtec

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    If the GLBT community would keep their personal lives to themselves I would be fine with it... however *** people flaunt their homosexuality in public and some places that just shouldn't be tolerated like Church and schools. The problem is that they don't reproduce so they must recruit to keep there numbers and ultimately their cause going. Face it... they are coming closer and closer to targeting your children and tolerance is where it begins. The bottom line is that it is just another degrading blow to the family unit and ultimately society in general.
  5. machiasmort

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    All I can say is that the world has become very tollerant to them and they just keep pushing, kind of like your friends dog that humps your leg everytime you come over, until you give it a kick when nobody's looking!

    Sparky would tell you it's great, especially if constipated, try it!

    I'm no fan of violence either, but these people should know when to stop. Talk about sexual harrassment, I was offered promotion after promotion at American Axle here in NY. Problem was, I wouldn't do the special favors the Supervisors were asking! Wierdo's and creeps ran the place I tell ya! Probably had something to do with why I was fired!
  6. machiasmort

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    "then the cycle repeats with our children"

    Sorry for double posting this song (I put it in my blues thread also) one of the best versions I've ever heard tho, one of you is bound to like it!
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    5 star post here.dont forget about the way hollywoods full of them and cant put enough of that sh!t on tv these days.
    i like the dog analogy,so spot on.
    garunteed thats why you lost your job.fucing creeps,letem have that job.
  8. give me vtec

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    should have sued for sexual harassment... I would of. If the girls can do it why cant we? I say a creepy guy trying to solicit jobs for sexual favors is a creepy guy trying trying to solicit jobs for sexual favors. The g@y community shouldn't have the right to make somebody feel creepy.
  9. SimpleSimon

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    Try learning something about human sexuality before posting ignorant bullsh1t like yours above, vtec.

    Simple fact of life is that homosexuality has existed in every single human culture ever to exist, regardless of whether it was tolerated or considered a capital offense that would get you killed upon revelation. The question is why, in the face of extreme social sanctions, does that fact hold true? The answer is really pretty straightforward - every human trait, every human behavior, exhibits a distribution pattern. Unmodified by external constraints, that behavior will distribute along the classic Bell curve, every time.

    That distribution is in effect for sexuality just as for every other behavioral set. Fact is, homosexuality is both an innate AND a learned behavior - be it lesbianism or male homosexuality. For some small numbers on that distribution curve, the ONLY sexuality that motivates them is homosexuality/lesbianism, and they were born that way. That being true (and it demonstrably IS true), then the believers amongst you ought to ask yourselves - if man is made in god's image, and god is omniscient, then did he not make homosexuals/lesbians? By the logic of your own premises the only possible answer is - yes, he did.

    Homosexuals/lesbians have no need of "creating" new homosexuals by procreation or by indoctrination - new homosexuals/lesbians are born every day. Depending upon the social conditions of their time and place in the world, they will be everything from openly homosexual/lesbian to utterly closeted to the point od self-denial. At either extreme, and across the spectrum between those extremes, they still exist, their sexuality remains the same.

    Nor does the sexuality of their parents have much apparent effect upon the expressed sexuality of those persons - homosexual/lesbian children are born to totally heterosexual parents, and heterosexual children are born to homosexual/lesbian parents. Sexuality is a spectrum of possibilities, and few people indeed are totally either heterosexual or homosexual/lesbian in their thoughts and fantasies. The best available evidence suggests that about 8% of all human beings are at either extreme - everyone else falls somewhere along the continuum between them.

    Social factors of course modify the expression heavily in most societies - in fact, in virtually ALL societies. Under those social modifiers lies the inescapable reality - homosexuality is just a part of the human spectrum, and is ineradicable.
  10. give me vtec

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    good argument SS... valid points.

    Like I said before... if homosexuality was kept at home and private it would be fine, I couldn't care less what people do with their lives. The problem is that this movement has been in motion for decades now and they are never happy with their progress. They started with tolerance, then they became a protected class from hate crimes. Now they want *** pride days and the freedom to teach 3rd graders about homosexual sex. They are not going to be happy until they can walk around freely in a$$less chaps giving each other hand jobs while they walk down the street towards their *** wedding.

    The main problem I have (and I think most would agree) with homosexuality is the exposure to children. It seems that they are coming closer and closer to children and it disgusts me. Children shouldn't know anything about sex at that age let alone homosexual sex. The safe schools czar is a homosexual principle and encouraged an underage teen to continue his sexual relations with an older man and this didn't cause a national outrage??? He even told him to be sure and use a condom. How about the teachers in San Francisco that take their pupils to homosexual weddings to teach "tolerance"?? The problem is that there are no social boundaries within the homosexual community. Twisted perversion is often standard operating procedure in the homosexual community and it dangerously blurs the line on what is acceptable sexual behavior and what is not. Unfortunately young children are increasingly becoming targeted by homosexual men and it is WRONG!!!! I don't care what you have to say about bell curves and normal distribution.

    God made us in his image... he made a man and a women. He made them in way that emotionally and physically fit together to make a whole. Any other perversion of this is not in GODS intentions. The proof of this is in the absence of the opposing physical appendages and emotional support.

    GOD gave man a penis and women a vagina... if homosexuality was in the cards for us under design, GOD would have given men an extra hole to use under their own discretion and women a pseudo-penis to use if they wanted. The fact that we were not designed asexually is strong evidence that GOD had indeed intended for man and women to be together. Not man and man, or women and women. In a purely religious sense this is a slap in the face to the creator because people are basically saying through their actions that they know better than GOD and that they will do as they please. This is the basis for the religious rejection of homosexuality as reinforced by the story of Soddom and Gamora.

    Now for the emotional aspect of homosexuality. I strongly believe that homosexuality deprives the individual of the intimate interaction of the opposite sex that we are intended to crave by our design. Despite how much they are told or feel they are ok without the said intimate contact they still crave it. Can you explain to me why male homosexuals tend to gravitate towards feminine males and lesbians gravitate towards masculine females? I think most homosexual people are dissatisfied with their lives despite how they project themselves on society.

    Make no mistake... the GLBT community is in full recruitment mode. If you don't believe me go to your nearest GLBT headquarters and say you have a friend that is questioning his sexuality and see what they tell you. If you don't believe me research elementary school sex education and see who is advocating for the funding and legislation.

    I don't believe that *** parents produce *** children or that straight parents produce straight children, and I know that homosexuals have existed for centuries in many cultures. It just seems that there is a surge... it is almost like being g@y is becoming fashionable and some people do it just to get the praise for "coming out and being brave". People like perez hilton make me think that some people are just g@y for the attention.
  11. give me vtec

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    look even the word *** is censored... they have become elevated above the rest of us in a way. If somebody punches me in the face it is just assault... if somebody punches a g@y person in the face it is a hate crime. They don't want to be equal they want to be better because they are g@y and oppressed.
  12. give me vtec

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    homosexuals are not fighting for their right to be g@y... they are fighting for the right to flaunt their homosexuality in front of you and your family, while making you accept it under the guise of tolerance.

    What about tolerance for me and my beliefs? What about tolerance for my desire to give my baby girl a pure childhood free from promiscuous sexuality and immorality?
  13. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    what about my desire to not have my child read about the two g@y penguins (and tango makes three) or the princess and the princess?

    I think the actions taken against mainstream society by the GLBT is the epitome of intolerance... they don't care how the rest of us fell about their impact on society or our children. They want to force their ideas on us whether we like it or not.

    I live in California... I deal with this on a daily basis. We have voted on g@y marriage twice, and struck it down twice. They continue to waste taxpayer money on expensive court trials to overturn the the will of the voters. When they didn't get their way in the last voting cycle they targeted Churches and anybody else that supported opposition with death threats and other vicious reprisal.

    I have lived next to g@y people and I have had g@y friends... it isnt the concept of homosexuality I oppose. It is their attempt to force acceptance down out throats and the throats of our children that upsets me.

    Why do they have to change the definition of marriage... why cant they be happy with the title of civil union?? It has the same legal advantages of marriage... they just want the power to change what is tradition rooted in thousands of years of culture and heritage. No culture in history has defined marriage to include man and man or women and women, why should we??? If we do where does the discrimination line end?? Can we still discriminate between man and horse??? How about women and dog???

    Im sure you could find people to advocate marriage between man and animal... Once you change the definition, where is the line??? Where do you draw the new boundaries??
  14. Turtle Tedd

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    Homosexuality is not right...period..they can all go back in the closet and stay ..I will keep the key and let some of the good-looking lesbians out every now and at a time see if they can be converted....I will do my best for the cause but might need some help
  15. machiasmort

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    I thought Snow White and the seven Dork's was a little wild to be reading to kids but now seems tame in consideration of V-tec's points... Eeeshh, Imagine explaining the Jewish Princess and WHOLE HAPPY BARNYARD to kids....

    What is America Comming to? The muzzle'ems tactics are making the G a y community look like just a mild irritant...

    I agree w/ Simon that homosexuality is a learned behavior... They need to learn to quit pushing their ways upon others. I've got a few real good friends, who I know are g a y. They have never made so much a pass at me. Like the Muzzle'ems they aint all bad, however, follow Simons graph theory, collectively they become braver in numbers and it concerns me for future of this Country.

    At American Axle, there were only a few Supervisors who were conducting themselves in this manner. The thing is, they were married!!! Sexual harrassment is tough to prove, yet alone being a guy... I would have carried a tape recorder but they were very careful about how they did things. I finally hit my boiling point after telling the same Supervisor politely, 5X, no thanks. He came out on the job and I couldn't believe it, he had the gull to pat me on the a s s. I became so upset (I was working(hands full of steel parts). I almost threw the parts at his head. I SWEAR to God that I was gonna light him up(not carring @ the $21 per hr.) but by the time I got out of two machines I was between, he scurried away and I had time to calm down a little.
  16. kerf

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    You know, it's a real shame, you make love to women for 40 years and nobody calls you a lover. Suck one d i c k and you're a q u e e r for life.
  17. Turtle Tedd

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    Kerf ....your sick sense of humor seems to be worse than mine....
  18. Mountainman

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    don't like that kind of sin -- homo sinner
    but I have been told that I must love them
    no problem with that
    worked with (up close) *** Lady last five years at the City
    she's a sweet heart
    she will admit that her thoughts inside -- the *** THING might not be right
    she has refrained from acting out on *** thoughts for many years now

  19. machiasmort

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    The sick part is, you don't know if he's joking:jester:

    It's only a piece of skin, right Kerf? :ack2:
  20. give me vtec

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    exactly... anybody that wants to assimilate into productive society without causing drama is fine by me.... muslims or homosexuals. We all have equal right to be here... and believe what we want. We need to be respectful of each other and not force our will upon each other. I said it before... g@y people already have the right to be g@y, it isn't illegal. They are fighting for the right to flaunt their homosexuality in front of you and your family under the guise of tolerance. That is where the line is crossed... our children should be off limits to indoctrination. Religious or political, believe it or not I am even opposed to some Christian indoctrination. I think children should make their own religious and political decisions when they are old enough and educated enough to understand.

    My mom always said... your space ends where the other person's begins.