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    I dont think what happened to that women was right... are you trying to say thats how we treat muslims??? Was that directed at me for the Islam on capital hill thing?? You better re-think your view of me.

    I love seeing successful immigrants in America. If somebody wants to come here and live peacefully, pay taxes, and in public assimilate as an average American; then they have the right to live and be happy here like the rest of us.

    The main problem I have is that you never know who could be plotting trouble... the person who sold the terrorist the acetone and peroxide at the beauty supply store was friendly and had no idea they were selling a terrorist materials to make a bomb that was intended to kill American people. The muslim population needs to come out publicly and denounce terrorist activities and show they are against violent extremism. Then take proactive measures to rid their communities of the people who are giving their religion and themselves bad reputations. It would go a long ways with the American public.
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    here spanky check this out... I used google translator to find the arabic for jihad. It looks like this.... الجهاد

    Then I Googled that word.... here is the first site that came up.

    Then I used google translator to convert the body of arabic to English and this is what it translated to. You should start looking at arabic sites then translating to English. Its kinda scary what you can find... see what kind of fun you can have.

    Jhadk required


    In the name of God the Merciful

    Jurisprudence of jihad and the wisdom of

    Ethics jihad

    Provision of the safest of prisoners of the infidels

    The rule of prisoners of the infidels

    Elements of Jihad

    The definition of jihad and the wisdom of

    The definition of Jihad

    Intended to wage holy war: the fight for God, and related provisions.

    Jihad and the definition of the jurists is: - make the effort and energy and hardship to fight for God.

    Proof of jihad from the Koran say God "books you fight" and meaning "and says" go forth and Khvava Thagala and strive with your wealth and yourselves in the way of Allah is better for you if you know "and says" Fight the polytheists all together as they fight you all know that God is with the pious "and words of Almighty God" and kill them wherever ye find them and you take them and do not crown a champion "and says" And fight them until persecution is no more and religion is for Allaah Alone is not only unjust aggression "and its index of the year according to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him ) "ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but God," Muslim News "to Gdoh or soul in the way of Allah is better than life and what is already there."

    The rule of Jihad:

    And the rule of Jihad in Islam is the imposition of any obligation on the Muslim and has two cases and are either a jihad ((communal obligation)) and can be either Jihad ((duty)).

    First - A: - The meaning of the word ((communal obligation))? Is that should and must be accountable, which would class it has to go out to fight and another category remain in the country of the sermon and preached to the people and is thus insufficient to impose, and the class that graduated to the fighting category is strong and capable to bear the hardship of jihad, while the category that remains the country are the elderly, children and women, who were not able to preach the people.

    B: - When is Jihad ((communal obligation))? Jihad is a communal obligation if the enemy occupied the country in some Muslim countries for the Jihad in this case the obligation for the Muslim countries are far from the country's territory is roughly a distance of more than 80 km away in this case, ((a communal obligation)) If any deed, some people fell from each other.

    Interpretation of the meaning "and the believers to alienate the whole-Without a group of each task, including a range of Itvgahoa in religion and warn their people when they come back to them to warn that they might" Believe Almighty God.

    And for the jihad in this case conditions in order to be Jihad, namely:

    1 - Islam is the verse "O ye who believe, who fought Iloncm of the infidels and to find harshness in you and know that Allah is with the righteous;" Here, God the Almighty, addressing believers only, and not to be a kaafir or dhimmi, who paid tribute to his guilt.

    2, - (puberty), there must be a jihad on the boy for not assigned in this case, ie, in the case of a skill: interpretation of the meaning "not for the weak or the sick and those who do not find nothing wrong with what they spend if advised to God and His Messenger is the way the good and God is Forgiving, Merciful "! It was here meant weak boys are vulnerable to weak bodies.

    3 - (reason) should not crazy for a jihad on the non-assigned in this case, ie, in the case of a skill: interpretation of the meaning "not for the weak or the sick and those who do not find nothing wrong with what they spend if advised to God and His Messenger is the way the good and God is Forgiving, Merciful "! It was here meant the weak are madmen of the weakness of their minds.

    4 - (Freedom) There must be a jihad on the server or thin: on him "believe in Allah and His Messenger, and Tjahidon in the way of Allah with your wealth and yourselves is better for you if you know"; but a person can not control himself and does not have the money Vklh king and master, and if God Praise is no longer exists so far.

    5 - (male), there is a jihad on the woman because of her weakness, "O Prophet rouse the Believers to fight if not you will vanquish two hundred twenty Sabiroon albeit a hundred of you will vanquish a thousand of those who disbelieve that they are people who do not understand," and sentenced Hermaphrodite here just as women should not fight it .

    6 - (Health) is not a jihad on the patient can not fight or be in discomfort Jihad attic.

    7 - (energy fighting) the body and money, not a jihad on the blind and not on a limp, even in one foot: interpretation of the meaning "not blind nor is there blame or sin upon the lame, the patient is critical," These are the conditions of Jihad, but this should be conditions are only in the case when the Jihad (a communal obligation) If the jihad (religious duty) is not obligatory to the

    Conditions, and we'll talk about it.

    II - A: - The meaning of the word ((duty))? Is that it must and to impose a duty to come out of all people to fight, whether they are men or women or children or the elderly and women are entitled to go out in this case without the permission of her husband and is entitled to a server or a person to come out in this case without the permission of a woman, are also entitled to a boy to go out for jihad without the permission of his dependents.

    B - When the Jihad ((duty))? Jihad is an obligation when the enemy occupies a Muslim country a Muslim country for the Jihad in this case ((duty)) on residents of the country occupied, and the country nearby distance of about less than 80 km away Vicu Jihad in this case ((duty)) that is, be all the people of the town and the nearby country of jihad without exception, be possible to rehabilitate the fighting or could not, and does not apply in this case any of the conditions mentioned in the case of ((the imposition of sufficiently)) n and I should all the fighting even if they can find weapons of fighting with a stick or stone as it does the heroic Palestinian people.
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    would a real muslim[not an actor]use an american bakery?

    why do they wear a towel?is that part of their religion?

    if i were muslim/radical and wanted to do harm to christians/americans i would use that discrimination card to my favor.half of americans would be on my side up to the point when i took a bunch of theirs ases out.
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    First of all, vtec... just like that article I posted about Christian Conservatives wanting to rewrite the Bible to take out Jesus' liberal philosophies, that article does not represent all of Islam. Second of all, in nowhere does that webpage say what the words "fight" and "holy war" means. Don't Christians consider that they need to fight for Jesus' cause?!? Don't they see themselves in a holy war with 2 other competing religions?

    I find it only practical for somebody who truly believes in a Creator to "fight" in a "holy war" in order to "rid" the world of "infidels". That's what Christians do... so why shouldn't Muslims be allowed to do the same?
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    Christians dont kill people in the name of GOD... muslims do.

    Why don't you Google translate "Holy war", "hate America", "war on America", and anything else you can think of. Then Google the arabic word, use the translate function and read what these people think of us in their own language. I did it last night and I think you will be surprised at what you find.
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    durka durka woodao daoi buda buda daowood!!!!