Youtube Video of Motorized Chopper Bicycle With Motor-Powered Lights

Mike S

Local time
3:28 PM
Mar 16, 2008
See the Bad Boy motorized chopper video featuring a motor-powered patent pending 12 volt electrical system with full motorbike lights horn, 35 watt halogen headlamp, based on the Grubee motor kit with electrical system by Mike S. Also features front disk brake, rear cantilever brake, neon and led nighttime accent lighting, turn signals, custom sissy bar, all built on the last production model of a Nirve Tension Deviate bicycle. Uses a heavy duty rear axle. Left grip switches for horn, accent lighting, and turn signals, right grip for brakes, and throttle. Headlamp and rear lights always on, pull-pull spring stop light, and three inch wide rear tire. SEE THE VIDEO HERE:


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