Yoyoyo.... back in da game! Need suggestions for carb setup

Ahhhhh YEAH, BOY! I did it, I made it work and saved $15! Gotta say, pretty proud of myself at the moment. Anyway, to all those cheap bastards (like myself) who wants to save a few pennies, you CAN modify your cable to make it fit properly. What I did was what was suggested here, took a dremel with a cutting disk and after measuring, carefully cut away the portion I didn't need. It was quite a pain to get those spiraling metal off but eventually it came off. I took off a bit more than I'd like, but it still works. Anyway, thanks to all those who threw their 2 cents in.
I'm proud of you too, ya didn't ruin it

Save yourself the time and trouble and have a few of these laying around for next time. They only cost about $1 each

Making your own throttle cable is done all the time with a barrel end with set screw

Cut the barrel end off then shorten your housing a little. Put the barrel end with the set screw on and your done.

Pics of throttle barrels with set screws,