Yukon/Harbour Freight 52cc 2 Stroke

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by schulze 123, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. schulze 123

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    Hi Folks,
    Has anyone used one of these motors on a friction drive unit? If so can you please give me any feedback as I have one on order to go on my mountain bike. The price at the time of ordering was too good to pass up,$169.00AU plus $25.00AU shipping and they throw in a free post hole digger attachment :grin5:.

    Cheers BJ

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  2. ibdennyak

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    Hey, if friction drive doesn't work, you have a built in reduction box....probably has about a 150-200 rpm output. Sprocket.....chain...:evilgrin:

    If that doesn't work, can't have too many post hole drills around. :jester:
  3. loquin

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    Yup. what ibdennyak said.

    also, check this thread...
  4. schulze 123

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    Thanks for the link it had all the answers I needed, can't for all the bits to arrive and build this beast.

    Cheers BJ
  5. schulze 123

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    Hi Troops,
    Received all the bits to assemble the friction drive onto my Mongoose Tiacali, all went well apart from the heel of my left foot kept hitting the fuel tank when peddling. Fitted a longer front mounting bracket and then the motor cradle would hit the back of the downtube/seat post. So back to the workshop and I made up an angled front bracket and all problems solved.
    Tomorrow is test ride day.

    Cheers BJ

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  6. rawly old

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    fric drive Harbor Freight 52cc

    I just received one of these engines as part of an L.E.B. kit.
    I've been breaking it in on a static mount. (16/1 mix on the first
    gallon, 25-30/1 thereafter, 89+ octane.) You can download the
    manual off the harbor freight site.
    Ordinarily, I run a light 33cc homebilt fric, but I'm planning to
    travel with a single wheel trailer in the desert of eastern Oregon
    and northern Neveda. I figured to need more power; this one
    has plenty, torquey and fast. My only beef is that it's pretty
    heavy. I'm going to have to do something in the way of a bet-
    ter kickstand. I only have the kit semi-installed so I can't tell
    you how it'll ride. I gave the engine a good going over and was
    pleasantly surprised at how wellmade it was.
    I bought this kit because, though it's basically a stanton/
    dax sort of kit, it had a sprocket-like drive roller that looked
    to me like a better idea than those diamond checked jobbers.
    Having received it, i'm sure of it, $199 for the whole shabang
    with free shipping. Putting it on my mb is taking some
    tweeking, but what kit doesn't.
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