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  1. Jpoop

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    well hello all i have been trying to find a good forum for a bit now iam i really do like this one everyone seems very respectful

    well here is the bike its a full hand built bike its 8.5 ft long with the stock 49cc motor kit i have took the frame and soaked it in acid for a couple of days to give it the rusted old look then got it cleared and a old huffy seat that i took the padding out and drilled some holes for the old look and another seat i picked up and wrapped it in bandana the crank has been painted matt black other then that its stock


    If anyone is in az /chandler and whats to ride plaese let me know Thank you for looking at my thread

  2. professor

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    Hi J and welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to the forum. I believe you have set the record for the tallest motorbike. it would look right at home in a freakbike cruise.