Yup im new and got questions

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by morex132, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. morex132

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    got an old schwinn for free, picked up an 80 cc motor off craigslist and the rest has been frustration booze and cigarettes

  2. ENO

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    Wecome to Mbc

    Hey 132..ENO (Down Under)..Punch in the questions and some pics and everyone jumps in..Great site and use SEARCH for the quick fix and info data base..Good luck and Welcome again.... Eno (Oz)
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    we're glad you found us. Eno's advice will get you far, so don't dawdle. You'll have fun.
  4. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. There are posts on the site for almost every imagineable motor bike problem and solution. You don't have to figure it all out by yourself.
    Just don't ask us about problems with women.
  5. give me vtec

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    do you have any questions???