Zap, my second e-bike after the first test run.

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  1. It's a Kent Avalon full suspension, aluminum frame bike with an e-bikekit direct drive rear hub motor with a 7 speed cassette and a Ping 48Volt, 15Amp hour battery in a homemade wooden box mounted on the top frame tube. This is my best paint job so far. I really like the colors and the look of the bike.

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    I like it too!
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    Looks great, but that battery box looks like it's really in the way. Why not mount it under the rack?
  4. I'm a tad over 6' tall and my knees clear by several inches when pedaling. I had a friend visit from London in the UK last week. He's about 5' 6" tall and it was a slight issue for him, but he quickly adjusted to it as we rode my 2 e-bikes. The battery box is only 7" wide and It's not in my way at all. The next e-bike I build I will mount the battery in the same place, but tip it up on it's side so it will only be 5 and 1/2 inches wide. I checked with Ping and they say I can mount the battery in any orientation.

    I mounted it on the top frame rail temporarily just to see if it would work okay, and I like it there. I mounted the battery on the other e-bike on the rear rack because, with a front hub motor, it balances the weight better. This bike, with a rear hub motor, has a better weight distribution with the battery farther forward. it looks good to me and handles great. It will stay right where it's at.
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    actually if it were lower, you might be more likely to hit your shins on it-- on the top bar, you can spread your knees if you have to while pedaling. I have a pretty wide tank on my bike, but I can pedal comfortably.
  6. Exactly, RedBaronX.
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    My name is Meagen Finnerty and I'm an intern at the Erie Times-News. I'd love to talk to you about your bikes for an article I'm doing about motorized bikes. Please contact me and let me know if you'd be interested. I can be reached at Thanks!
  8. Ms. Finnerty;

    I tried to send you a message at the address you listed, but the google postmaster wouldn't send it because, "The default mail client is not properly installed". Then I tried to call the newspaper at the number listed in the phone book and got the electronic screaching that indicates a fax#. Since I can't find you in the go erie page listing Erie Time-News employees and their work numbers, how do you suppose we communicate? Yes, I am interrested in an interview about my e-bikes. Call me at 392-2615.

  9. It was very nice meeting you, Meagan. The interview was fun in spite of the photographer uglying up the pix by putting me in them. Please call me and let me kow when the article comes out. Thank you.
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    You were a wonderful interviewee and photograph model! Thanks so much for your help! The article will be printed in Tuesday's Erie Times-News!
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    when it is published, please let us know if there is a web version of it. I don't even personally know the bike builder, but I do like his bike very much!
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  13. Erie Times-News article.

    Good grief, it made the front page! The new link is;

    Not many errors, good job, Meagan. The PennDOT spokes person, Jan McKnight, was just wrong. She stopped at the section in the PA vehicle code book that concerns mo-peds. Had she read further she would have found the section covering "Assisted pedal-cycles".
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    Like your color scheme