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    Hello, I bought an 80cc zb black slant limited edition engine kit from Zoombicycle.It works good .I had it for 3 month ,strong and i have not had a problem yet.? I`m Going to do another build,does anyone know if there is better motor`s out there?:bowdown:

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    Welcome and suggestion...

    Welcome to MBc, Marki; you will not regret joining our band of dedicated motored bikers. Be sure to read the 'Sticky Note Posts' at the beginning of each Forum; especially this one. We have a very good search function; most everything that has to do with motors, bikes, or motored bikes have already been asked and answered; just search for the 'Key Words'. If you get terminally stumped on something, post your problem in the proper Forum and you will get an answer. Good Luck, and keep us posted on the progress of your next build.

    In my opinion, you just can not beat the Robin-Subaru EH035 matched with the gear box from Dave Staton...It is bullet proof, and he'll stand behind his products. It is a great 4-Stroke engine and he machines his own gearbox. That is what I have on my Delta trike (the whole build, plus pics, is in the Powered Trike Forum under the thread, "Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power." All of the specs can be found at: http://robinamerica.com/specs.asp?paid=49 Dave Staton can be reached at:

    3310 S. Brunson Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73119 USA
    Phone & Fax: 405-605-3765
    Sales Questions: sales@staton-inc.com
    Technical Questions: davidstaton@staton-inc.com

    I hope that might help you get started looking for what you want...btw, I get no money nor kick-backs from Dave Staton, Trailmate, or Robin-Subaru. I merely mentioned them because that is where I sourced my materials.