Zbox chains and chain-breakers

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    My son recently bought a 48cc Zbox from www.zbox.com.au and he's managed it get it pretty much up and running, except for some problems with the chain. We've ruined 2 chain breakers trying to shorten it - mainly because the rails on the chain breaker weren't wide enough and the pins are very long and difficult to push out. It's been very frustrating - I'm used to breaking bicycle chains which is easy, but these are a different beast altogether.

    Can anyone recommend a chain breaking tool that's good for the Zbox chain?

    Or alternatively, can anyone suggest a different chain that would work with this engine? Zbox suggest a BMX chain but we wasted money buying one that didn't fit. But if there's a smaller guage chain that would fit the engine which is more like a typical bike chain that would be great to know.

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    if u go to sick bike parts they sell a breaker that fits ..
    as 4 the chain any 41 or 415 will do .

    sydney :helmet:
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    Brad's got it right.
    The other method is to use a grinder as shown in the pic below.

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    One other simple tool been doing it for years. A anvile or flat iron with a hole slitly bigger then the pin size and a punch the right size for the pin and tap tap out they come One pin or both......Curt