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    Well guys i have almost finish my build and thought i should tell everyone about it. First of all my bottom bar was to big (5cm) so i had to use the large frame adaptor included in the kit. I drilled a hole through the frame well my dad did and we were away. Then i had to grind the threads on that mount so i didn't have to use any washers in between as if i didn't i couldn't put my spark plug cap on as the top of the spark plug pretty much hit the tip of the frame. So i did that and fit the motor on the frame. I also had to cut those threads so the carb would fit in as well.

    The next step ( didn't follow the steps in the instructions )
    was fitting the clutch handle then the throttle, my dad drilled a 5mm hole 125mm in from the handlebars and the throttle fit right on. I zip tied the cable down the frame and made it look all pretty. Then i zip tied the black box to the frame and left the cables there until i figure out how to wire it.

    Next i fitted the clutch cable to the clutch arm but before i did that the inner cable wouldn't fit and the outer cable was way to long so i cut basically half the outside shielding off and then i had 60cm of free cable, i had to drill a small hole in the clutch arm as the gap was to small for the cable to fit through. Then i cut the excess off and voila, the clutch cable really needs to be tight as atm its engaging wen i pull the handle right in, it should engage wen i slightly pull it in as the clutch hold button holds it on only a little bit and atm it doesn't work but ill fix that tomorrow.

    Next i fitted the fuel tank, that was pretty easy, just do up the screws. I heard peoples peacocks leaked so to make sure mine didn't i put plumbers tape around the thread and a bit of sealant and screwed it in. The fuel wont leak out and the peacock wont come out either lol. Next i hooked up the fuel line, i got a fuel line filter as well so i cut up the fuel line and fit that in as well. I think the fuel tank really finishes the look to the bike and really makes it look nice.

    Next i trued the back wheel and heated the muffler with the oxy torch and bent it a bit. Back to the wheel, it was buckled in two spots, once i did that i put the back sprocket on which was a nightmare. I may of done it wrong but i put it like this, Sprocket, rubber, rubber, 2 half moon bits of metal. The three 1/3 bits of metal were not used. It doesn't say to use them in the instructions and theirs no real need for them anywhere. Next was getting the screws through the rubber holes, the holes were to small and a nightmare to get the rubber on em so i drilled the holes and made them slightly bigger so the rubber slipped on pretty easily. I did up all the screws up a little bit first then tightened in a criss cross fashion so the sprocket was true.

    Next i took off the plate which covers the sprocket which entitled taking the clutch cable out anyway so that whole process was really pointless. When i took that off i took the clutch arm out and greased it with molly grease as per instructions and put a little grease on the tip of the sprocket. Then i opened the link on the chain, put it on to find i needed to take about 10 links off so out came the grinder and took a few links off. My dad new what to do so he did that and next step was putting on the tensioner and getting that working. I undid the tensioner and put it back together properly as it was rubbing right against the metal and was hard to turn, so i got it working correctly and put grease between the wheel and the metal so it spins better. I pushed the bike and made sure the chain ran well and it went perfect.

    After that i put the cover back on, and i still have to hook up the clutch cable well. I have to install the chain guard as well which looks pretty easy and then get some synthetic two stroke motorcycle oil and add it too the fuel. I also gotta locktite all the nuts and make sure everything is tight before the first run. Ill first get it going and idle it for 3 mins or so to see if anything happens.Ill be riding by tomorrow and take a few pics for u guys.

    Well that's a bit of a read and no im not editing it! Well that's my whole build so far. Hope she runs well tomorrow, i haven't rushed anything, its taken 2 days so far so ive done everything properly. No ghetto things on this bike guys!

    From Brendon.v
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    that is one awesome little tool thanks.
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    well the bike is finished, i tightened the clutch cable and it works well now. I also installed the chain guard ( i was wondering wat those two bits of metal were for ). The pics were no help so i figured it out myself. I cut a bit off the end and drilled a new hole so the chain doesnt scrap against the guard. All i need to do is go down to the shop and get some oil and some fuel and wack it in. Ill just run it first then tighten all screws and nuts n stuff with locktite. Ill upload pics in a couple of hours. Just to make sure i got my killswitch wires correct is it Black to black, blue to blue and then one killswitch wire soldered onto the blue? Then the other engine wire earthed onto frame?
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    If you are talking about the white wire, DO NOT connect it to the frame. It is for running a small headlight. (6V 3W) If you ground it, the engine won't start. If you ground anything, you can connect the black wire to ground - but since you have it bolted to the frame, this would be redundant.
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    ok i didnt explain it well, this is how i hooked mine up today and it works fine.

    Black to Black
    Blue to Blue with one of the engine wires soldered onto it
    Other engine wire is earthed to frame
    White wire is capped off.
    All connections have heat shrink around them so they aren't going to come away and aren't going to get wet.

    Back to the bike, ive fitted my chain guard, needed a bit of modding to fit but it fits nicely now. I fixed the clutch, needed to be tightened quite a lot and the bike works amazingly. At first it idled very high and adjusting the carby didnt do much so i researched the forum and found it was my throttle wire being turned to tightly around the frame and zip tied to the frame to tightly. See what making it neat does, after i loosened the throttle cable around the bike i also adjusted the throttle cable where it goes into the carby and adjusted the idle screw on the carb.

    It idles nicely now and the killswitch works alright, it needs to be earthed better and needs to have a bit of rubber separating it from the frame as i got a big jolt touching the frame after i tried turning off the engine and it didnt work so i decided to shut off the fuel. Wont do that again! Ill put a big washer on the earth bit so it has a large surface area of metal to earth too then put a piece of cut up heat shrink between the frame and the washer so it doesnt earth through the frame.

    The bike is very responsive, the ride home from the factory where i was building it was a nice ride, i tried to stay slow as i havent fitted the speedo and didnt no wat 20km was like. Hope i stayed under it enough. I only put the throttle on about 1/4 and that was a nice speed. I gave it a quick jolt to see what the power was like and my god it has some grunt in it. Ill love to fly on this thing when i go past 500km run in. One thing that surprised me on the way home was when i got to a little hill the bike stopped. I thought no way it cant go up a little incline. It turned out the fuel tap was off, i rode about 10km with only a little fuel line full of fuel? Talk about economical! It doesnt drink fuel like my whipper snipper bike. That drinks 10ml of fuel in 5 seconds.

    Well im very happy with my bike, its now sitting in my games room, other bike is outside, this baby is inside with a towel under it just in case. Its been sitting for about 4 hours and hasnt dripped one bit yet so fingers crossed it doesnt leak at all. I just stand and look at it for 20mins and gaze at my work of art, cant wait to ride to the factory tomorrow to wash my dads truck!

    So fun!!!!!!!!!
    From Brendon.v

    P.S Pics to big to upload so its gonna have to be imageshack.






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