ZBox has no spark from plug....

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  1. gjsmeth

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    Hello to you all. I am in a spot of bother and hope someone can help. My ZBox 48 has no spark from the plug. So far I have tried 3 different plugs, all of which spark when being driven by my Brigs and Stratton mower ignition, none spark on the ZBox 48.
    Next I replaced the CDI module, and still no spark from the plug.
    Then I replaced the magneto and still no spark.
    Both magnetos blue to black have 330 ohm resistance. Blue to white has 2 ohm resistance. Wire continuity at plug join checked OK.
    Electricity can be felt from the plug lead, just no spark from the plug.
    A volt meter across the blue and black wire plug joins while riding the bike with the plug out gives 3 to 5 volts at low peddle rates and off scale (>1000V AC) when I peddle hard.
    New magneto was installed with thin cardboard b/n rotor and bars to gap the instalation, cardbaord was removed.
    I have very little ideas as to where to go from here.

  2. will_start

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    wow, interesting case.

    I am of no help, but interested in your outcomes...best of luck.

    Have you gapped the plugs ??
  3. gjsmeth

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    Plugs gapped, clean, one new, one used & older, and one used and old.
  4. gothicguy64

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    have u tried the sparkplug lead at all .
    so if its not the plug ,cdi ,wires or mag ...then that only leaves the lead

  5. gjsmeth

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    New lead came with the new CDI unit.
    I have seen one spark occur, which was today, when we were using the old magnito and the new CDI/plug lead unit. We were spinning the back wheek by hand, with clutch out, for 5 min. The one spark was a lovely blue and normally thick. It occured after a few attempts, and was only one spark, but never had it happen again.
    Then installed the new magnito for much of the same.
  6. Dave C

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    Try Blue to Blue, Black to Black and White to the head light. One wire from the kill switch to one of the wires going from CD to motor and the second wire to the second CD to motor wire. Pressing the killswitch then shorts the CD out. Are you still useing the stock sparkplug wire? It's junk, made in a toy factory from 6 pieces to replace a real sparkplug wire made from 3 pieces...go figure :p
  7. gjsmeth

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    Thanks for the ideas so far. I tried to write a complete situation first up but have left out a few items. One item is that I have taken the kill switch system out. If I do get to having a kill switch I will do as suggested in last post and short the magneto out. Olso I have also removed the white wire.
    Will try using a car style plug lead today.
    Something I found last night is that the original magnito has signs of the rotor magnet rubbing on a small section of magnito bar. I doubt this would cause any real trouble but will check the rotor for magnetic strenght.
    Thanks again for your thoughts.
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    Hello to you also. The weather here is nice, but the weekends have been lousy for riding. Thank you for telling us about yourself and then posting in the proper forum with your questions. It really helps the moderators keep all information in a place where new people can find it.