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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikemp, May 8, 2015.

  1. mikemp

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    I have a zbox 48cc motor on my bike and the police say it is illegal to ride does any one if this is true .


  2. Purple Haze

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    I heard that the laws have been changed in Aus. Lots of former riders on this forum have given up the hobby because of those changes. I suggest you read up on it in the laws and legislation section of this site.
  3. Roy K

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    If your motor is under 200 watts it is legal, anything over 49cc and 200 watt is illegal in Victoria at the moment just check your state laws in South Oz what your regs are if similar just buy a 49cc 200 watt plate from Z box or get one made up.
  4. Timbone

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    200W is ridiculously weak. A cyclist has to produce about 300W to hold 20mph. It takes about 900W to hold 30 mph.

    Foolish laws like this just ensconce a transportation system that is designed to serve the wealth and privileged.
  5. battery

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    750w Max here in the usa. Do like I do I put 250w stickers on my motors. No sh1t for brains cop has the know how to test them.
  6. battery

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    I'm currently building a 3250w bike. Three motors 55Ah. Never been pulled over on the electric. Only on the gas those pesky porkers threatened to put me in jail.
  7. HeadSmess

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    are you in NSW? join the club of lycra wearers, get a very small and power limited electric setup, pedal, or start building a steam engine to get past the loophole they left saying NO INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES.


    they forgot about steam power when they write these new rules up ;)

    oh...adelaide...meh...try looking at the SA road authority website... this is a predominately US site. what happens in new jersey stays in new jersey.

    im glad our transport minister is addressing safety! yep...i was in a hit and run today...i would report it to the police, as my elbow is killing me, possibly fractured...but how? did i see the numberplate? no...i saw a black rectangle with a vague flash of blue that may have been an "a" but may have been an "n" or something. but, as long as the cameras can see them (theyre for safety, not revenue raising!) who cares if innocent pedestrians CANNOT?

    bring back plain black on yellow numberplates for NSW, i say.

    anyways. you can think that little brat that killed himself on one a year ago for the crackdown. all states, i am sure, will follow suit within the next few years. it wont change anything. there will still be little brats ignoring rules and restrictions and commonsense trying to kill themselves.
  8. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    and you should come and SEE our transport system ;)

    someone got jealous of all these motorised bicycles evading congestion... and made sure theyre banned :)

    like an article i read today... some guy erected a swing at the end of his street, couple of benches, etc.
    all the kids on the street come out, play on it, have fun, noone ever got injured... just kids having some fun in a safe environment...

    was that allowed? was that acceptable? no, of course not. one person on the street filed a report and now...now the kids sit inside and play internet again.

    like a small "settlement" in the middle of nowhere. government deems it unsupportable...rather than just abandon the place, and maybe leave some shelter for the odd native that wants some shelter and nothing else to do with our sh#@%$& society... they spent several million dollars flying contractors and earthmovers out there to DEMOLISH and BURY it.

    a sad sad country this is becoming. very sad :( what happened to aussies that didnt give a 5hit(abou the right things, anyway) ? that were laidback and easy going and generous?

    they died in that war that "gave us our freedoms".
    yup...freedom to NOT be allowed to play 2-up on 364 days of the year...very free...very free.