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Nov 29, 2017
I spoke with the actual designer and manufacture last night and as I said it's not Robert this can't be made with just a mill!The guy's name is Ryan Darragh he say's there is alot of room for builders to cut and alter it to suit their needs,but imo this really cant be fixed without being redesigned.He told me that he got help from pro porters and "the fastest guy's" approved with pre orders LOL,in talking with him about it's design he told me that the reeds feed straight into the transfers ?And doesn't realize that intake and pumping that charge up the transfers is two seperate events and also believes that the case volume isn't affected by the extra area of the reed track and housing saying it's perfect for larger bores again not realizing that's also an increase in volume witch drops the ccr to where it wont support high rpm at all!He's a young guy and very stuborn but said he'd send me one to go over and help him redesign it but I really don't want to do that atm spring is right around the corner and I have three custom engines to do allready just waiting on jugs to get here and I'll be busy through the summer with builds,engine work and riding LOL.
I personally would love to see a case done with your input.