Zen, and the Art of the SkyHawk GT2B 48cc

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    Ok. Let's talk Chinese Engines. Heck, lets talk any of these little engines. I'm seeing a pattern here. I read a post from a guy the other day. He said his buddy was coming into town, and he wanted to put an engine on his bike and he was going to go on a trip with it the next day. Anybody besides me see a problem there? Too many people want it RIGHT NOW! I WANT IT-I WANT IT-I WANT IT!! GIMME GIMME GIMME! I listened to that from my kid when he was 3, but I cured him of it pretty fast. Does ANYBODY Else besides me take the time, do it right and break the engine in like they ask you to? It took me a week of creeping around like a snail to get through a tank of gas for the break-in. I've been riding my GT2B angle fire for about 3 months now. I ride it every day, it's all I use for transpo. I live in an area that is nothing but hills almost everywhere I go. Up-down, up-down. I ride an average of 30 miles a day. My longest trip so far was 63 miles. I go about 20-25 mph. The only problems I've had, are with the cheap bike I bought. [who's fault is that?] And so far that hasn't even been a real biggy. I've still got some mods to do, but it's all still a work in progress.
    Back to the engine. Granted, I've only been running it for a few months. But I have to tell you, I'm pretty impressed with this little engine. If it goes for the 5000 miles they say it will, or even close, I'm a happy camper. It's got plenty of power to haul my buck 65 around, it's quiet, fairly smooth, and runs like a top. I go over everything before I ride, [takes less than 5 minutes] and I have a blast. I go from Laguna Niguel down to San Clemente for coffee in the morning, takes me 25 minutes to go the 15 miles or so at a nice old guy pace. And it looks soooo coool. Check out my pics.
    In conclusion, is it YOU? or the ENGINE? Did you REALLY break it in properly? Do you REALLY maintain it?
    Well, that's my 8 cents worth(inflation)

    On a side note, I always hear the same about Nitro R/C's. Guess what? My 7 year old TMAXX 3.3 still runs GREAT, oh and I'm only on my third glow plug. And I BEAT the **** out of it. Nuff said. :cool2:

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    I Totally Agree !

    I totally agree with you Norm . Everyone is in a hurry . They want instant gratification . They want it Now , but they still want it Cheap , and they want Quality .
    These are KIT builds ! it takes time and patience to do it correctly so it will be safe . I too check over major bolts and such before rides .
    You absolutly can't slap one of these together and ride it hard immediatly !

    Btw : How many of the younger builders that we are speaking of actually get the literary reference in your title . ( i read Pirsig in college )
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    Great post, great book! Common Sense is acquired isn't it?
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    I agree 100 percent!!! Personally, I have run 2 gallons at 16 to 1 through all 4 of the bikes I have built. Overkill? Maybe...... Do my white tennis shoes get black from oil? Definatley!!! Is the 1st bike I built 4 years ago still running like a top even though a now 19 year old owns it? You betcha!!! I love my current bike (just not the bearings that came with it!) Do it right, or throw that box in the trash when the mailman delivers it and save yourself alot of aggrivation!!!