Zinger build (pw-80) 26" mountain bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Hittin1, Jul 17, 2014.

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    I recently acquired a 1995 yamaha pw-80 with a clutch less 3 speed transmission. Has anyone on here tried this particular build? I want to mount it in front of the crank under the bottom bar of the frame. I'm wondering what the final gear ratio would be ideal. I'm going to have to stretch the frame out for clearance. Considering the engine is in good running condition, this should have more power than the standard 80cc kit, right? Is there anything else that any experienced builder could share that I might need to know? Thanks in advance

  2. Hittin1

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    a peewee?

    turn it into a go kart man...

    it will be illegal just about anywhere! rather large and heavy for a bike, especially if youre extending an existing frame... horizontal cylinder doesnt help much :(

    as a custom, from scratch type build, it would be interesting but...

    it is a motorbike engine! capable of lugging three overweight pimply teenagers around and still getting in third!

    stick a good tuned pipe on it and it will scream ;) yes, they can actually go! about a stock kx65 equivalent. nowhere near as good as a yz80 or such forth though. wrong porting mostly.

    as for gear ratio...the rear tyre on them is a...12"? from memory. about the same as a 20" on a pushbike.

    therefore you would keep the same sprocket on a 20, so probably an extra 10-15T for a 26" wheel.

    also theyre rather wide! need offsetting! gunna be awkward and id hate to think of you doing all that work just to end up disappointed!

    maybe in a schwinn stingray or similar faaaaat wheel bike...