ZoomBicycles Violates Copyright laws

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Pablo, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Pablo

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    ZoomBicycles Violates Copyright laws.

    ZoomBicycles stole our installation manual and are publicly using it without permission in violation of Copyright TX 6-893-565 and TX 6-904-527.

    We notified them and got no response.

    Public Notice from Sick Bike Parts LLC

  2. kerf

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    Sorry to hear about this issue. You guys at SBP have been on the cutting edge of product development, within the community and have certainly helped the sport/hobby to grow. I fear you are falling victim to the times in which we live, to the devaluation of such attributes as character and honor.
  3. BiMoPed

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    File a VERO complaint with ebay
    They are listing your manual on this auction.

    Then file a complaint with their website's host for copyright infringement.
  4. Pablo

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    Thank for the support guys (and the help!) He has taken our manual down.