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  • Tdsj81
    Tdsj81 replied to the thread Little problem.
    Not going to lie. Wish I had 24 hours to work with but I work tonight and it's my ride. Luckily my job isn't too far down the highway...
  • Tdsj81
    Tdsj81 replied to the thread Little problem.
    Ok I checked both of them. And also made sure the top part of the chain lined up with the bottom part and that the chain was centered on...
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    motorizedbikeguy replied to the thread Little problem.
    Loctite takes a full 24 hours to fully cure, so for best results make sure to wait it out fully before riding. That thrusting happens if...
  • Tdsj81
    Tdsj81 replied to the thread Little problem.
    Ok going outside now to do both of them things. I'll report back in a few minutes
  • Tdsj81
    Tdsj81 posted the thread Little problem in 2-Stroke Engines.
    So I just put on a 36 tooth sprocket yesterday. Went to ride into town to get thread lock to put on it since it's the hub adapter type...
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    lcj93fxsts posted the thread 1999 Whizzer for sale in For Sale.
    I have a 1999 Whizzer that was sold by Harley dealers for a couple of years. I have owned it for the past 12 years. When I got it it had...
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  • KCvale
    KCvale replied to the thread New project idea.
    I use the wheels and everything else from a Fito to flesh out a gas tank frame...
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  • H
    State laws either are written to specifically allow certain things, or to disallow certain things. Based on the way the Texas law was...
  • R
    either way this bike will need rock shocks for difficult terrain and a big sprocket heavy duty fuel tank . it would need a luggage rack...
  • R
    after 9/11 and vegas what makes you so sure the us doesn't emp ourselves and blame it on someone else. I figure that is more likely...
  • Frankenstein
    Nuclear is the best way to get emp, nothing reacts with the earth's magnetosphere so destructively over such a large range. Not to...
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    Bonefish replied to the thread Top performing 2 stroke engine?.
    I had a Honda Ruckus for 2 years and put 6,400 miles on it during that time. They are very reliable but slow. I was holding up traffic...
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    gas bikes arent allowed on bike trails, only ebikes type 1 and 2 that go max 20mph, type 3 goes 28mph are not allowed. I'm leaning...
  • Philandra Chambliss
    Correction it's AC powered as well I have decided to run two separate circuits for turn signals. Four led strips sitting in my mail box...