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    you mean to tell me that the spark plug wire that comes with these kits is good?
    I disagree with you on that because it's very cheaply made.
    sure, silicone wires will keep the clicking sound from coming across the stereo in a car, but they are far better made than the wires that come with these kits.
    my car still has points in the distributor, and I run accell superstock NON SUPRESSION spark plug wires on it, which is also what i run on my bikes.
    Now, are you going to tell me that high performance, non supression wires are not as good as the wires that come with these engine kits?

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    non supression wires are a solid copper stranded ignition wire.just like the grubee wire.
    give or take a couple strands and a little more insulation.
    radio supression wire is carbon core,1000 ohms resistance per foot.does not like to be threaded into.
    just replacing the wire alone wil not make any difference.
    all im saying is it doesen really make all that much difference what type of wire you run,the factory wire is not worth replacing til it falls off.

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