I Really need an option about this E Bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tonyzz, Oct 12, 2016.

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    it looks okay. depends on your needs / interests. I prefer having spent closer to $800 for aluminum Skyhawk style gt frame kit including wheels w/ good sprocket mounts & springer forks, together w/ a 2 stroke motor of decent quality bundled w/ a couple performance upgrade parts, & some tools, which I've used to make a motored bike that'she pretty kick ass already & still improving steadily as I get better at working on it. the electric you're looking at only does 20mph. when I've got my exhaust relatively in tune, my bike makes enough power to have great pick up from 18-38 mph

    however, that bike is safer, more reliable, less frustrating (unless you're a speed demon, then it is way worse ;) ), & even more eco- friendly than a bike like mine. maybe a good one. (sorry I don't have experience yet w/ e Bikes)
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    Looks like it's just a hub motor for that price I'd expect a mid drive shifter , it looks good but too expensive in my opinion , that style of kit is simple to make yourself just swap the wheel and mount the battery and controller .
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    Goggle for "addmotor motan fat bike review" ;)