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    I've started work on my new build, an OCC Chopper bike I found in a dirty garage. I've already spent several hours on my projectt and I don't even have a kit!

    These things are not perfect for motorizing, as the engine has to be kicked left with the end result being the right rear engine mount stud is close to center of the frame. I could have dropped $40 for a pre-fabbed motormount but I simply don't have an extra penny to spend on this. I've created by own by measuring carefully and drilling holes in thick metal. It's a system of transition plate and muffler mounts that I've used before.

    The saddle was trashed! I found some material and worked up a new cover with some homemade rivets. It wil work for a while!

    The V-brakes, front and back, are good but the headset cap is trashed. I have to rig up some kind of fix to get a tight setting on the headset.

    The handlebars are just weird an I don't want to use them. I'll find a simple straight bar as that will maximize function. In traffic you want narrow bars to sneak through tight spaces.

    I patched the rear tube but I cannot inflate the sketchy tire because my floor pump failed. My frame pump that I carry for my push bike commutes to work has mysteriously disappeared from my backpack. It doesn't reay matter though because I bought a very cheap motorcycle tire on ebay as I am told they will fit on the fat rear rim. But, boy, this thing cannot be mounted like a bicycle tire. I am going to have to spend $20 for a motorcyce inner tube and maybe buy a few tire tools. There are some hacks on youtube - not sure how I will settle this. If I use the moto tire I will use a 40 tooth sprocket. If I have to default to the 20" bicycle tire, then it will be 36 tooth. At any rate, there's a lot of work ahead for me before this thing yanks me down the road!

    Here are some pics:

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    that the 20" frame you got there right not the 18?
    are you going with levers or you going to be using hand grips for your controls?
    what tank set up you going with belly tank?
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    I have not seen many of these in the flesh, but I am pretty sure it's the bigger model. Rear wheel is 20" (16" motorcycle size) and the front wheel is 24".

    Since I have no money to waste, this will be a collage of levers: clutch and front brake on the left; rear brake on the right.

    I have no idea how to address the fuel tank. I'd like to fab up something. I could maybe braze up an aluminum tank and hang it somewhere. Another idea is maybe fab up a PVC tank lined with a fuel sealer that won't eat up the PVC.

    I don't like the idea of a peanut tank on the top tube.
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    Update on my OCC Chopper build:

    I have run into a few roadblocks. Motor mount is good, but seeing advice on another forum, I bought a used Harley tire and got it on the frame. Unfortunately, I don't think I can keep the chains out of the tires. It looks cool as hell but I need to fab some chain tugs and I even have to lengthen the pedal chain. Just to get the tire on the back I had to remove the rear V brakes and squeeze it in past the welded brake tabs. This also forced the removal of the very cool rear fender.

    Maybe I can cheat the motor chain just enough to be free of the rear tire. If not, I may have to make a kind of transmission that can move the chain farther left. I really want to use the bigger motorcycle tire. All these costs add up.

    My triple tree is a mess. It has an exaggerated kick out that, combined with the extreme rake makes it very nearly unrideable. It has front V-brakes (good) but the threads on the fork are shot. Not sure how to fix this. Maybe buy a suspension MTB fork and roll with that. Sure would be nice to have front disk brakes. If I could make triple tree couplings that would facilitate the bearing I would be good to go.

    Glad it's cold weather time.