Fourfeathers; AKA The black Knight.

I ride a moderately modified 70 cc Chinese job mounted on an ordinary down slopping cross bar road bike. It's all black with aluminium and silver trim; hence the nickname. Have also made my own costom seat with lumbar back rest it's real comfy as I've also made some hyway pegs for the front hubs, can ride easyrider style, takes some getting used to but once you've got the nack it's so good to ride like that when you're cruising those long flat straights, espescialy on long rides; my longest being 300Ks. I'm an avid tinkerer and experimentalist when it comes to motored-biking. My quote; as my age implies; old petrol heads never die they just loose thier cubic centimeters. Finally got my pics up guys. Hope you like them.

fourfeathers, Jun 25, 2009
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