Homemade Rack Mount Litespeed Obed Titanium

I just finished this rear mount project a few days ago. I took the engine off my front rack mount Rocky Mountain RM7 full suspension rig to test out the difference between front & rear drive. This one also uses a Vbelt but with a Whizzer sheave and is geared more for high speed than low end. I pedal along with the motor up till I spin-out @ around 30mph (53/16 gearing & 700c wheel w/175 cranks) and then let the motor take over. So far so good...Lots of fun getting aero and riding this one. My next project may be a Frame mount or Bottom bracket mount to get the weight down low in the frame...I'd say the biggest drawback of both my front & rear engine rack mounts so far is the high weight cg... I've since put the engine back onto the Rocky Mountain RM7 front wheel drive bike & use this Litespeed as my single speed (for pedaling only). I like being motored better on the heavy duty bike... -Alex-

lowracer, Aug 27, 2010
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