My DAX titan rearmount mongoose, and schwinn centermount + trailer

After having the Titan on a Moondog, I moved it to the Mongoose - wanting the suspension. Our roads are rough. Took awhile to get it stable, but it is great now.

Kind of proud of the trailer, cost me no more than $20 bucks to make, is super light. I think I could build a house out of PVC pipe. Note that hitch allows free movement in all directions. Wheels look crooked in picture but are pretty straight - the pipes not totally straight, but in my next build I have a better assembly plan. I brought back 30lbs of groceries no sweat.

Got 1500 miles on the centermount, that is a spooktooth 80cc carb, it is better for the 80cc.

10/15/12 update. No longer have either bike, blown or whatever. Have now moved to Super Titan motor on the Kulana MoonDog frame (pictured), but am starting another build, maybe the Franco Morini...
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