recent mods to Robin EH035 powered Rocky Mountain RM7

I altered a few things to make the MB run better & faster. 1- Removed most of the engine shroud for cooling (just left 2 pieces that cover moving parts) 2- Drilled large holes in air filter cover for breathing 3- Removed the muffler cover for cooling 4- Lowered the fork sliders 2" in the triple clamps for handling 5- Strengthened the engine mount & now have the engine additionally supported by the previous gas tank bolt holes. 6- Replaced the fuel line with thicker stronger tubing (previous line was being pinched @ the grommet & would bog the engine at WOT. 7- Removed the gas cap rubber plug doohicky to allow better air/fuel flow. 8- Replaced MTB rear cassette with a new Road cassette 9- Installed new chain & saddle 10- Experimented with different pulley sizing but stuck with original 1.5" engine v-belt pulley 11- Redrilled the mounts to pull the engine back closer to the fork & more perpendicular to the ground. Seems to handle a little better & looks better too. 12- Drilled four holes thru both rim & rim pulley to bolt them all together (why rely on JB weld alone) 13- Added v-belt tensioner (whizzer style) 14- Added Mirror (aluminum & glass motorcycle mirrors off eBay for $15.00 shipped) 15- Added PDW Radbot 1000, 1W rear flasher (stupid bright) 16- Ordered BMP Kit (I'm removing the roller & installing the 1.5" pulley onto the 1/2" shaft for a more solid mounting system.) Will post pics once installed.

lowracer, Sep 12, 2010
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