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vintage schwinn whizzer motor bike On Ebay
Well, after a few years of motorized bike experience and building countless kits, I've always had a problem with the crappy gaskets they come with, they would always either rip on me whenever I needed to remove the cylinder or intake or they were soo thin that it wouldn't seal properly even when cranking down on the bolts as hard as possible. Sooo, I decided to make my own! There cut on my CNC cutter and quality checked by yours truly, I use the best material's that I can find (fel-pro) The rubberized cork gasket and the Karropak withstands the bend test with flying colors! I'm currently offering these gaskets for the intake as well as the base gasket. You get 2 Karropak base gaskets and rubberized cork base gasket as well as 2 Karropak intake gaskets and 1 rubberized cork intake gasket all for 15$ shipped (lower 48) Due to popular demand, I will now be offering my chainsaw gaskets made of Karropak, these will fit the chainsaw carb conversions (Tillotson HS254B carbs to be specific) You get 5 gaskets for 10$ shipped (lower 48) For sales or inquires: Either PM me or email me at
motorized bicycle black and silver Aluminum frame. 7 speed 26 inch tires On Ebay
US Full Set 80cc Bike Bicycle Motorized 2 Stroke Petrol Gas Motor Engine Kit Set On Ebay
Less than one hour use on it. Will split up if you don't want the engine. Shown as a complete kit. This is the best of the best MAB commuter system on the market. $725 shipped free in the USA.
CONFESSION: We had some really terrible inventory control on our jets for 2 stroke engines. Shipping guys kept saying were out. Packaging person kept saying we were out. Pablo kept ordering more. We have all sizes. Thousands and thousands of GENUINE DELLORTO CARB JETS. BUY THEM ALL AND SELL THEM AND MAKE SOME MONEY. Shops, individuals........just get ahold of us. We simply are really trying to pare down everything. The whole lot for $250. THERE ARE OVER 3000 JETS. SERIOUS DEAL HERE. I'm not counting them. There are 1000's. You could sell them for .50$ each and still more than double your investment. You pay us (NOT VIA ORDERING THEM, CONTACT US BY EMAIL OR PM), we ship them to you. That simple. You can sell them on ebay or whatever. These are what we are talking about:
Antique bicycle for sale. Black in color. Has a motor and pedals On Ebay
Vintage Whizzer Schwinn Motorized Bicycle Motorbike On Ebay
Vintage Whizzer Motorbike Dropstand Drop Stand 26” Bike On Ebay
$35 off our normal kit. All must go. We have around 30 left. When gone, that's it. The pipes are all new and in great shape. The supplied exhaust manifolds are usable and will work as received but are not flat. The ears tend to bow back, but the important part, the annular circumference must sit flat against the exhaust gasket. You will see this when you are doing the required port matching. And I will add, unless your do the port matching (easy really) - a little pointless to add a performance pipe. Thanks!!
Whizzer Motorbike Bicycle Fuel Gas Tank & Cap White Reproduction On Ebay
WWII Themed Custom OCC Schwinn Chopper Motorized With Predator 212cc Engine On Ebay
Whizzer motorbike 1999 On Ebay
Motorized UNIVEGA Mountain Bike 100cc 2-stroke engine On Ebay
schwinn stingray chopper, rare,original,black,red,motorized,2004,bicycle,vintage On Ebay
Vintage Original Whizzer Motor Bike Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold On Ebay
Whizzer motorbike 2005 On Ebay
whizzer motorbike parts lot fork, belt guard, fender, Seat On Ebay