80cc moto cycle 6

80cc moto cycle   6
Torbet, Aug 18, 2008
    • imperfectionst
      It seems to me that most of the frame bracing that is normally in place is there because it makes it more efficient to pedal. Why add stiffness if you have a motor? Why add a suspension if the frame is flexible? It will ride smoother. I like this design but take the top tube out too, keep the tubes going up to the seat from the rear axle but leave them hanging in mid air.
    • Torbet
      Im not exactly sure what your talking about, this is just a sketch, I was playing around with the look(s) of the frame, there is no suspension at all, not sure where you see it.

      I have loads of differnt frame skectch ideas, this isnt a mountain bike size bicike, its all custom, custom wheels and tires but not that of a bicycle as bicycle tires as weak in comparrison to other things avail.

      Personally, Im not too fond of this sketch.
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