Phantom Ghost 26 AKA Spirit III

This bike arrived assembled in December 2014 from Phantom-Bikes in California USA. Since then I have added a Brooks Clone seat, 12 volt 9amp battery, Suzuki horn, tachometer, new throttle assembly, tail light, tag holder, mirrors, Scott Grips, rear axle pegs and Cat Eye Padrone wireless speedometer. I built my first bike Spirit II (2 cycle) in 2014 and then decided to buy a built bike (4 cycle) and modify it to make it my own. From the comments I receive on the street and this site, it looks like I was successful with Spirit III! You can also check out a few video clips of the Spirit II and Spirit III at this link: Enjoy!

jhammondcpa, Nov 24, 2014
    • jhammondcpa
      I am still loving the Phantom Ghost 26, but with the Honda the riding range has no limit. It is nice to have a 50-100 mile ride and play in traffic!
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