Bike from Left

Bike from Left
MotoMel, May 29, 2012
    • lessells
      Hi there. Can you tell me which companies make Coaxial cranksets? Very nice setup.
    • MotoMel
      Hi lessells -- sorry I didn't see your post earlier, but I apparently do not get notified about posts in reply to my posts. (Is there a setting somewhere?)

      This is an invention of mine, conceptualized over 8 years and in engineering and test over the past 2 years.

      It's double-freewheeling, with a coaxial crank, so that motor force is transmitted from the LHS of the BB to the RHS without requiring the cyclist to pedal. Likewise, cyclist pedaling does not require any movement of the motor-driven sprocket or chain. The basic mechanism, concentrated in and around the BB, replaces the standard crankset. It, and the motor, mount and battery required no frame alterations. The coaxial drive integration system itself adds only 1-2 pounds to the bike, beyond which you have freedom to add whatever motive power source you wish.

      The setup seen here is a low-cost 450 watt geared motor hosting a (custom) combo chainguard/tensioner, with a simple twist throttle, small controller and one of the lithium battery technologies. I've created an adapter for a chinese lithium battery to be mounted on a Topeak rack, and then a Topeak bag mounts to the top of the battery. It allows for a really strong rack; an enclosed, lightweight, firmly mounted, key-locked battery; and quick attachment/detachment of battery and bag (when not locked). Though not demonstrated here, the custom motor mount allows for placement of a standard bottle carrier atop it.

      What's happening at present is some pre-production engineering to make the coaxial drive as affordable as possible. Some videos of the unit are posted on youtube under the BikeMotive name:

      What's your level of interest? Should we put you on a list to notify when the product is available? It's not likely to be as inexpensive as we'd like: we had targeted $250-300 but are operating now at price assumptions about double that.
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