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bike2 002

bike2 002
Dilly Bar Rob, Aug 22, 2009
    • duckcy04
      Now that looks like a cool machine...
    • Dilly Bar Rob
      Thanks :)

      On occasion somebody will ask me if they can ride it, I usually let them (hey, you never know, they might want me to build them one...). They usually say it's great, but ask why did I build it so small... Simple answer - I'm a small guy, so I built myself a small bike :) It's low enough that my wife will actually ride it (she is smaller then me, won't ride anything on which she can't reach the ground comfortably, step-through frame preferred).

      The bike came from the steel pile in the wrecking yard that I work at, when I first saw it i knew that I just have to slap a motor on it. It had a brother (there were 2 identical bikes there), regretfully I never pulled it out and somebody else snagged it. If I would have taken it I would have two of these beauties :)
    • happycheapskate
      I like it a lot. You should buy a rear rack/tank so you can use it as a storage rack.
    • Dilly Bar Rob
      I have thought about that cheapskate, but the rack would have to be very high up for it to work (fuel flow). Even with the tank mounted as high as it is now I still occasionally have flow problems once I hit 1/4 tank. The pipe that the tank sits on is welded to the frame. I have since gotten rid of the rear rack (was not enough room on/above it for anything bigger then a bottle anyway, also when I put the fenders on it looked kind of tacky), the basket I have mounted on the front now (see newer pictures) is just perfect for the small stuff I haul even though it is flimsy (walmart...) and can only handle a few pounds.
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