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An example of what I jimmied onto my ride; the drivetrain is taking positive steps in efficiency as I learn how to manipulate the geometry. I've noted that small tweaks to the stock stuff is my cheap way to mod. ahaha
I must post a pic of the way I installed it...haha totally backasswards and sideways
very,...very dangerous. I know,..because I rigged mine the EXACT same way. what happens is: when you go to start it,..and pop the clutch,.. that spring STRETCHES and GIVES sooo much,... that the top run of engine chain gets *SUPER* loose,..and will skip off the engine sprocket,..and BIND UP between the engine sprocket and the crankcase. it happened to me,... gave me a heart attack. I thought my case was cracked!!! it was VIOLENT. it took a bystander to tell me that my drive chain went completely sloppy floppy when I dumped the clutch,..and it all made sense. I removed that thing and threw it into the swamp.

never, ever again.

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