JB Weld is too thick for this

JB Weld is too thick for this

Turns out that the JB Weld is thicker than ordinary cheap epoxy resin so it is NOT possible to use the blunt tip (vape liquid mixing) wide bore needle and a syringe to apply it to the transfers for Jaguar's transfer redirecting mod. Used a little spatula instead.
@Frankenstein interesting! I might try that. The JB Weld didn't make level surface by gravity alone (as had been suggested by Jaguar) so it would be useful if it was a little more runny.
@FurryOnTheInside which is odd, I've experienced the opposite, while doing up transfers it leveled completely flat. Age of the epoxy and temperature has some to do with it, over-mixing will sometimes make it too stiff gravity to do the job.

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