jihadi popper starboard aft

jihadi popper starboard aft
Jihadipopper, Jun 9, 2008
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    • huckersteve
      That is super bad! Love the sidecar, love the theme, love the execution!
    • Jihadipopper
      Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I just got another frame off ebay, and am about to attempt to make one of those awesome board-racer bikes I've seen on this website. I'll keep the forum posted.
    • Johnny C.
      Wow! This bike rocks!
    • Jihadipopper
      Thanks, Johnny C, It rides as good as it looks. Once I modified the exhaust, and opened it up a bit, it hauls a*s. Even with the sidecar. A friend of mine and I built it when I was stationed in Okinawa with the Marines. I used to drive it on the Airforce base there, and would go over to the base exchange and drive past the Harley Davidson dealership. Once their prospective customers started asking me how they could make one, the salesmen weren't so friendly anymore, and started giving me the stink-eye every time I would ride by...LOL
    • bikebum1975
      Dude that is the coolest bike I've seen yet. Where did you get the sidecar or did you build it? If you built it do you have the plans for it? Can you take a passenger in it? Great bike
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