My Bike as it was

My Bike as it was

Great minds think alike I suppose.
I just ordered a motor and I was just at Wallmart....buying that SAME bike!
Awesome, That means it will fit lol
Sorry for the long reply. First the exhaust is for a X7 pocket bike it bolts straight up to the engine but you will have to heat it up and bend it out about 3 or 4 inches practically to the point of it pinching also the mount needs to be relocated although mine currently hangs by wire. Secondly the front mount is very tricky to do Im adding pics of the mount soon but it involves some filing and long bolts.
wat power increases did u notice with the exhaust? ive had just the small pocket bike pipes with no end and had some powerband ranges preee good
The pipe seems to help the engine breathe better but it feels to only aid in it too get it going. When I first installed it, the clutch kept slipping but now its fine. With a 34 tooth sprocket I'm having issues going up my steepest hill on motor power alone but the original 44 tooth will fix that.
Fyi I bought this pipe from pocket bike parts for about $50 and its not 100% bolt on, the header has to be bent up and out to clear the head

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