its actually two and a half bikes .. had to put in a new, cross memeber (the original went way too low) ... that bike was free.. my girlfriends mother gave it to me, and took the fenders, rear rack, and wheels from another bike ($5.49) at a "used furniture" store here in town ... the original wheels had the back pedal breaking and that was a problem.. haha... other than that it was really a lot of fun to build and is great fun to ride... sure would like some feedback from ya guys.. thanks.
Looks nice,Hows she run? Lol these kits are giving awhole new life to old discarded and forgotten about bikes. Or it could cause alot of bike chop shops to open lol. Id take some paint thinner and wipe up what looks like overspray on some parts ,but might just be picture,just to make it look professional since you did such an awesome job on the install.Might as well go whole hog so to speak.
why thank you... i appreciate the kind words ... and ive been meaning to take get off the over spray (its not the picture) sorta ... the thing was the bike was really 3 different colors ... well four if you count the gas tank .. and i really wanted it to be just one and wasnt real particular about the job i did ... it needs more coats and a little touch ups ... but ive also taken things and readjusted ... my main concern was getting it running like i wanted it so ... i had some trouble with the chain in particular but now that ive got it all worked out and running great i plan to spruce it up a little cosmetically ... add a mirror another headlight the paint then detail probably a name on it ... so im def. open to ideas for names etc.
Hope it all turns out alright for ya. Mean Green Machine is what i call it lol, Just got my engine painted black tonight with high heat bbq grill paint. Not really ready to start a new project but i can do alittle on it for now. Cya later
do you not have any pictures or ideas... i just found a vintage bicycle for cheap but its kinda far and not in great shape so im debating what to do ... the next MB i do is my little brothers so he basically has most the say so in what goes ... hes just not real knowledgeable in mech and such...

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