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Nothing like a good ol' fashioned trailer burn :-)

Nothing like a good ol' fashioned trailer burn :-)
Dilly Bar Rob, Mar 6, 2010
    • happycheapskate
      Why did you burn it? Couldn't someone have used it or was it all rotted through?
    • Dilly Bar Rob
      Nah, it was pretty much done, it was given to us as scrap. The guy was actually supposed to pay us $100 to dispose of it but he dropped it off at night and never showed up again (go figure...). The car crushers don't really like these things intact, too much wood & fibarglass inside. When burned and flattened they are kosher. It takes a guy many hours to tear one of these apart by hand=no profit due to how light it is, a quick burn does the same thing free. The property is industrial and there is no burn ban right now (+I'm not the boss...) so it was a done deal, but please don't think we we burn stuff like this on a daily basis :) We sold the axle (about the only good part on it) out of it the day before so it needed to disappear. If they are in better condition (ie floor good) we usually keep them around for a while, guys here often buy them to transform them into deck trailers for there sleds.
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