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The heat shield on the expansion chamber

The heat shield on the expansion chamber
Easy Rider, Aug 14, 2008
    • funker
      That really nice pipe work. Mine´s looks awful this days, I have to take the time to finish properly. Unfortunately I don´t have access to an inverter solder machine, so I do the welding of the pipes with the conventional arc machine :S not an easy job for someone used to work with 40W solder :p
      Thanks for the pic
    • Easy Rider
      Thanks. Pipelyne has two TIG welders at the shop.
    • imenotu
      what kind of engine is that
    • Easy Rider
      It's the same motor as the rest of our bikes. A 5.8hp Morini motor with an aftermarket reed cage with carbon fiber reed petals. IMO its definitely the best motor for Motored Bicycles.
    • bigcountry2212
      where can u purchase that engine
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